Nike Outlet Alert 1.20.17


Nike Outlet Alert time!

You never know unless you go, right? That’s my mindset every time I drive by an outlet, Marshalls or Ross. Sometimes it’s a waste of energy, and sometimes it’s well worth your time.

Like most people, I’m always curious what’s sitting in outlets whether it be Nike, adidas, Puma, Vans or New Balance. I don’t highlight other outlets because I tried that before, but if y’all want a combined outlet report or adidas, etc. let me know.

As I was saying before I cut myself off, I’m always curious which is why I continue to go.

Last night I stopped by my local outlet to see what’s up. Everyone’s definition of heat and dope is going to vary, so you decide for yourself. I’m just the guy who drives 20-30 minutes to the outlet, takes the photos, edits, writes, transfer style numbers, sale price, and hits the publish button.

The least you can do is click through to see what’s gucci in these outlet streets. Ha!

Everything seen in this NOA was spotted at Tanger Outlet Nike Factory Store in Locust Grove, GA.

Remember, you can also grab some good deals by clicking here.

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