A Day at the Nike Clearance Store

nike clearance store

Very rarely do I get the opportunity to visit a Nike Clearance Store. Sure, I basically live in Nike Factory Stores, but the Clearance store is the holy grail of discounted Nike product.

This was actually my second Nike Clearance Store visit. The first time was in the Bay Area with George Kiel, Sid Asford, Ray Peezy, and John Kim. It was actually John’s idea. He told me stories of him finding unbelievable stuff during his past visits, so he insisted we go.

My first visit was January 15, 2015 and my second visit was Saturday, October 8, 2016.

There’s a reason why these gold mines are so spread out. The minute I walked in I started spotting stuff I didn’t expect to see, and the prices made the finds even better.

Being surrounded by so many sneakers is like being a kid in Toys R Us all over again. You literally have to take your time! It can be difficult, but just calm down and take your time!

Trust me, this clearance store was filled with goodies. Out of all the deals I saw, the only thing I purchased was a new pair of running shoes. I had been patiently waiting to find another pair of Zoom Vomero 10s for the low. I finally found a pair and I paid $48 (retail is $140).

I called the store and sadly they don’t accept phone orders, but I still wanted to share all these dope finds with everyone. Make sure you take an additional 30% off the sale price on every single pair in this post. I’m telling you, Nike Clearance Stores are the come up!

If you ever cross paths with one, spend a solid hour in the store – you won’t be disappointed.

FYI: Everything seen in this post was spotted at the Nike Clearance Store in Hillsboro, TX.

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A Day at the Nike Clearance Store


Retail: $260 – Sale: $200


Retail: $165 – Sale: $100


Retail: $140 – Sale: $54.99


Retail: $120 – Sale: $59.99


Retail: $175 – Sale: $99.99


Retail: $130 – Sale: $69.99