Jordan Brand Holiday 2012 Price Change????

It sure is fun working with footwear/sneaker media and being G-Roc. Everything (well, almost everything) comes my way. From photos you can’t leak or talk about, rumors, and then there’s always information that you get to see with your very own eyes. Whether it be an e-mail or tangible documents, you better believe most of it comes my way. Hey, that’s just a small portion of my lovely job. *Smiling*

My homies at Sneaker News posted the new prices today. It appears that the prices have been changed to $160 for the Air Jordan 4 November launch, and $185 for the Air Jordan 11 December launch. Too much backlash yesterday??? So, what’s going on? Just know that I can type a 10,000 word article on this topic, but it’s really not necessary at this point.

Anyone that’s been down with TSG, knows how we get down. If it’s a rumor or potential info, we always make that very clear. But when we confirm a story like the one yesterday, you better believe it’s because we have proof. Just know I have and will continue to keep it 100, and like SN said, “It had been reported yesterday by REPUTABLE sources…” You get the point.

Why would G-Roc make up a bogus story like that, especially when TSG has a relationship with Jordan Brand? Another question to ask yourself: Who runs a false story with so much concrete details?

I will say this: Politics as usual!

Just know, I have The Smoking Gun. Jordan heads, you’re welcome! *Kobe Voice*

P.S. – The bad news is now good news. Rejoice!

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