Jeremy Scott’s Latest adidas Roundhouse Mid Gets Scrapped

Jeremy Scott has been known for getting the consumers attention with his outrageous designs such as his Teddy Bear, Leopard, and Wings creations. But his latest adidas Roundhouse Mid design got him some unwanted attention. Although this model is inspired by a popular stuffed toy in the late 80’s and early 90’s called “My Pet Monster”, this model was criticized for the handcuffs for “closely resembling a symbol of slavery”.

Jeremy Scott is no stranger when it comes down to being inspired by cartoons and toys from his childhood like Mickey Mouse, teddy bears, and of course, My Pet Monster. This adidas Roundhouse Mid has inspiration from the toy throughout the shoe including the purple colorway and the orange handcuffs that was included with the toy. But after receiving an endless wave of criticism, adidas decided to pull the plug on this design. What are your thoughts on the design and the decision to discontinue the adidas Roundhouse Mid “Shackles”? via Washington Post