G-Roc’s Top 5 Sneakers of 2016


Allow me to slide in before 2017. I originally planned to publish my personal Top 5 Sneakers of 2016 list last week, but traveling for Christmas literally shifted all of my plans.

Well here it is! Out of all the sneakers that released this year – these are my Top 5. I didn’t waste any time wearing them because I was excited to rock each pair.

Seen above is my Top 10, but you’ll have to peep the list to see my Top 5.

Read and then share your Top 5 sneakers of 2016 in the comments.

Thank you all for the continued support and for helping TSG have the best community known to any sneaker blog. 10 years deep and there are still no comments like TSG comments.

Happy New Year and y’all be safe!

toy story vans old skool woody

5. Toy Story x Vans Old Skool “Woody”

Vans absolutely murked this collaboration. The Nintendo collection was nice, but I totally forgot about the NES collab when I saw the Toy Story collection. To be more specific, I think my mouth dropped a little when I saw the Woody Old Skool for the first time.

The design team perfectly executed the likeness of Woody on this Old Skool. In fact, they were able to channel Woody’s look on the Old Skool without making it look cheesy. That’s no easy task for a animated character that was created for a children’s movie in 1995.

Even if you didn’t cop or can’t see yourself wearing them, you can’t front on the freshness.

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