Dino Hatfield On Where He’s Been And Unveiling Of Baltimore Sneaker Show Under Armour Collaboration


He’s back.

The name Dino Hatfield aka BaltSneakerShow is a name you’ve seen several times on sneaker blogs. But for almost a year, it’s been ghost town for the guy well-known for leaking sneaker info.

Why is he so quiet? What’s good with new info? Did he retire? Is Baltimore Sneaker Show done? Those are all legit questions that people have asked over the months.

I caught up with Dino again since he’s slowly making a return to get some answers regarding where he’s been. He also speaks on his show and fully unveils his collaboration with Under Armour.

Read the interview below.

G-Roc: First off, let’s start with where the hell have you been? Did the sneaker feds get you? The people want to know.

Dino: Lol. Yeah they tried to get me after I leaked some Yeezy samples. It got back to Kanye and his camp. A popular adidas rep even reached out. I’ve been chilling since then preparing for my show. Besides that, I been working man. This venture, that venture. Dealing with this BS, that BS. Going through something crazy in my personal life too. Nothing that I can’t handle tho. Some people definitely reached out to me regarding info on content though lol. I might speak on that soon. Been at work on some dope stuff to give the people.

I know when we caught up to shoot “Random Questions, Random Places” you told me a lot of things, including collaborations. I see you’ve started teasing your Under Armour collab. What’s the deal with that?

We definitely have an Under Armour gig. By the time people see this some pics will be out already. They contacted me/us trying to get down. And no lie I kinda brushed em off for a little while but I’m glad we took em up on their offer(s). It ended up becoming a nice situation.


Congrats on your first collab! That’s major! The Baltimore connection makes perfect sense. So how will people be able to cop your UA collection?

There will be a few ways but your BEST bet is to be at the 2017 Baltimore Sneaker Show. Details will be announced soon. The team worked hard on it. And even some small things are being worked on as we speak.


Aside from the UA project, I remember you telling me about another collab. What’s good with that project? Can you speak on it and share some details?

There’s a couple other projects that are pending but the UA anniversary capsule is all I’m focused on right now.

What’s the date for show and what else can people expect from BSS 2017?

June 3rd. The usual buy/sell/trade with more of a twist. The info bar will be crazy this time around plus the sneaker collab. And a few other things that I won’t speak on just yet.

You’ve been quiet for a long time, are you done leaking info or just chilling for now?

Not at all. I’ve been feeding a few people some small stuff. But my info intel might be the strongest it ever was NOW. Timing is everything tho. Check out the info bar at BSS 2017.

Before I let you go, I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t ask you a random question. I pay close attention to everything, including your IG algorithm, lol. So yeah, top 3 baddest women on IG?

This is the hardest question I’ve ever been asked. It’s so many categories this could get swayed by lol. But anybody that knows me knows I’m putting Bernice up there. It’s SO MANY. But my 3 FAVORITES are Lee Milly, Bernice and Tina Colada. A lot of people aren’t hip to Milly. Nice Dominican joint. Tina is kinda slept on too. There’s dozens upon dozens of em tho!


Details on Baltimore Sneaker Show x Under Armor:

– 4 UA Slingrides, 3 UA Slingshots (7 total for 7th Anniversary)
-Very limited, Special Packaging w/ dust bag
-Retail is $150
-Available June 3rd at BSS



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