Is Your Air Jordan Collection 727 Deep?

Probably not. But trust us when we say there’s some die-hard Air Jordan collectors out there.

Take Detroit native Mark Bostic for example. He’s serious about his Jordans. It’s not just about the shoes, either. Bostic has all types of Michael Jordan memorabilia, but the most impressive thing is his 727 pair Air Jordan collection. Now that’s the true definition of a Jordan head. Mark Bostic, also known as JumpmanBostic, has been in the Jordan shoe game since 1986, and he hasn’t had another sneaker on his feet since then. Wait, there’s more. Mark is the same age as Jordan and was born the same month.

So, what do you call a collection of 727 Air Jordans? Basement Of The Jordans is what his collection is called. You can take a look at his Jordan collection by clicking through the photos below. Learn more about JumpmanBostic here. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Also, how many Jordans do YOU own?