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I Saw These Jordans Sitting At a Foot Locker In Milan, Italy


I visited Milan this past weekend and of course I had to peep the sneakers.

I Saw These Jordans Sitting At a Foot Locker In Milan, Italy...

As I mentioned last week, I moved to Switzerland which means I'm going to be all over Europe. I can't remember if I told y'all in my post last week, but my Swiss name is Yolan.

Anyhow, the boonapalist and I didn't waste anytime hitting these European streets. Last Thursday we took a trip to Italy to check out one of the world's fashion capitals - Milan.

Everyone knows by now that no matter where I visit, I'm going to peep the sneaker scene. During my trip I visited size?, One Block Down, Excelsior, Foot Locker, adidas, Nike, and several other stores.

As soon as I walked into Foot Locker I was surprised to see the Katrina Jordan 3 was available a day early or maybe Europe had a different release date from the states. The Foot Locker in Milan also has three levels.

The first floor is for men's & kids, upstairs for women and downstairs is the House of Hoops section. While I was checking out the HoH section I spotted Win Like 96 Jordan 11s, Black Cement 3s and Shadow Jordan 1s.

Seeing those Jordans sitting wasn't a Redd Foxx grab your heart moment, but I was surprised to see them nonetheless. The 11s dropped in December, 3s dropped in February and OG Jordan 1 colorways are more popular than ever.

Are any of these shoes still available where you live?

I Saw These Jordans Sitting At a Foot Locker In Milan, Italy

Not surprised....they are obviously over buying the same sneaker over and over jut because.

Yeah it's def more of the same with JB. I saw a mixture of everything on feet. I'll keep a post up about that too.

Hey G-roc it's crazy, i am in Paris too for a couple weeks i walked in to a random footlocker i saw the black cements 3s on sale for 160 euros and they still had the 1s shadows sitting on the shelves. I guess we can say the hype ain't the same in Europe.

I still need those black/ cements G look out for the kid 😩😩😂😭😂