How do you feel about OG Jumpman models which were once instant must have's releasing so quietly?

That's true but the same could be said about damn near ALL retro product from Nike/JB. And that's a good point but truth be told only a few influencers have that type of influence... and with certain retro models barely moving I think that would be extremely difficult for paid influencers.

I think it has a lot to do with back when the jumpman pros and Vin bakers released, they were a dope silhouette and built for the court. They were the jordans that you didn't mind destroying because they were the dedicated hoop shoe but could still be worn casually and were still accepted (you wouldn't get roasted at lunch for rocking them) . Today I'd be hard pressed to wear any team Jordan model on or off the court or for that matter even name some of them. With all the other options I can see why the releases are quiet for team Jordan retros. I don't think it's necessarily a story telling thing either.... The story isn't what is making consumers purchase anymore... It's hype and pseudo scarcity.

Aside from the Jeters I’m not sure of a team Jordan I’d wear, mostly because I have 1-23 and most of the team Jordan’s are rips of and most of them look lame. If they would make moss, bibby, and ray Allen pe’s I’d probably be In the market