How Do I Keep My Soles Icy?

How Do I Keep My Soles Icy?

Today is “Space Jam” Day, and we know everyone is geeked up about the release, but how do you plan on keeping those icy soles from yellowing? Over the years we’ve heard a number of ways to help preserve the icy freshness of clear outsoles. Silica packs, plastic wrap, storing in a cool environment, SeaGlow, cleaning with toothbrush, taping the bottom, and the list goes on. Sounds like great ideas, but do any of these methods actually work?

The Doernbecher Air Jordan VI just released last month, and the Space Jams dropped today. Both of them have icy soles, and Jordan Brand will release a nice amount of retro Jordans with clear soles next year. So, we could put a list together of ways to prevent yellowing, but we can’t guarantee those methods will work. Therefore, we are opening up the comments to YOU.

Talk about the best ways to prevent yellowing in the comments section. Maybe it’s an older method or something you recently learned. We all know how important it is to keep clear soles icy. Share your insight below.