Devin Hester vs. Earl Bennett – Sneaker Collections

Devin Hester is known as one of the (if not THE) greatest return specialists in NFL history.

What he’s not known for, is his extensive Air Jordan collection.

A Twitter battle ensued between teammate Earl Bennett and Devin Hester that prompted Hester to respond with a multitude of pictures displaying a part of his Air Jordan collection. Bennett also dropped some gems on his end including Quai 54 Vs but Hester let his pictures do the talking for him.

A wide array of Jordans were seen from Hester’s collection ranging from fusions to hybrids to retros, emphasizing on anything Jordan.

In Devin Hester’s corner:

In Earl Bennett’s corner:

In the end, it was proclaimed that Earl Bennett won the Nike side while Devin Hester won the Jordan side.

Who do you think won the sneaker “battle?”