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Black Infrared Jordan 6 With Nike Air Rumored 2019 Release

Word is Black Infrared 6s will release in 2019 with Nike Air.

Black Infrared Jordan 6 With Nike Air Rumored 2019 Release...

Don't call it a comeback.

Many of you already know but some of you probably don't know the Black Infrared Jordan 6 was my first pair of Jordans as a kid. From 1991, I had to wait until 2000 to get a pair as teenager, and that pair featured Nike Air.

It's been a long time coming because Jordan Brand has re-released Black and White Infrared 6s since 2000, but Nike Air branding was missing in action. According the word on the streets, the wait will end February 2019.

I don't think any of us should question this rumor because we know it's only a matter of time until all of our favorite Nike Air Jordans return. If you ask me, the wait is long overdue for Nike Air Black Infrared 6s.

This is exciting news but I still can't justify paying $220 for Retro Jordans just because the back says Nike Air. I can't confirm the retail price will be $220, but let's hope that's not the case.

Stay tuned for confirmation and an official release date.

Are you exited about this news and are you going to grab a pair?

Black Infrared Jordan 6 With Nike Air Rumored 2019 Release

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This is a must-cop

Rarely anymore, I’ve actually sold all my doubles. The last pair of doubles I had was the quai 5s.


Facts G....I just dont understand why there is this hype about NA...It doesnt change the overall look of the sneaker....I have two pairs of Infrared 6's....one from the Pack and One with the 3m from maybe two or three years ago....I dont wear either....Why am I purchasing ANOTHER pair just cause it says NA on the back (which you are never gonna see depending what pants you wear)?

It's a myth and good on you. Anyone doing this for a second knows by the time you pass a certain number you're never going to get to those doubles. I was curious what your response was going to be. I think I only have 1 double myself now and thinking about letting it go because I know people want it. They ask on my gram all the time. It's dead energy and not good for our lives. Have you ever found DS pairs with stains from sitting too long?

Yeah man I have. That’s the tough thing about having doubles is you might not ever get around to actually wearing them before they start to deteriorate. I moved so I had to unload the doubles.