Best Look At Don C's Jordan Legacy 312

His wife, Kristen Noel Crawley, provides the best look.

Best Look At Don C's Jordan Legacy 312...

Don C's wife for the win.

A few months ago Don C previewed his Jordan Legacy 312 and the feedback was lukewarm. The model itself is okay, but the first look photo wasn't the best image to lead with, in my opinion.

Thanks to his wife we have a much better look at Don C's Jordan collab on feet. Maybe you're not feeling this colorway, but at least we have a good on foot look. Kid Cudi also rocked this color to Kanye's 41st birthday.

I can only assume the release is close since we are starting to see this shoe more and more.

Does this new photo change your mind? If so, are you going to add a pair to your collection?

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Best Look At Don C's Jordan Legacy 312

Yeah all the Yeezy 1s. Would’ve loved to get the 2s (still would) but it just never happen.

Ok cool. Just wondering because of course this shoe reminds me of a Nike Yeezy

It does. This shoe would've received a MUCH better response if it released in 2009-2010 due to its Yeezy-esque feel. Not saying it's better than the Yeezy 1 or 2, but feels Yeezy-ish to me.