Are You Buying the $250 Cap and Gown Jordan 11?

Cap and Gown Jordan 11s for $250. Must cop or easy pass?

Are You Buying the $250 Cap and Gown Jordan 11?

Another black based Jordan 11 drops this week.This Air Jordan 11 has been called everything from Blackout, Prom, Graduation to Cap and Gown. I guess it's safe to say graduation was correct since Nike/Jordan Brand officially announced the launch of the Cap and Gown 11s.

There's no story tied to the release of this shoe other than the launch being timed around graduation. The shoe features patent leather, premium nubuck and icy sole according to Nike.

Does premium nubuck justify a $250 retail price in your eyes? Is the price tag a issue for you or do you still plan on buying a pair May 26 via Nike.com? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

However, regardless of how any of us feel, we all know this shoe is going sell out.

Let's discuss in the comments.

Are You Buying the $250 Cap and Gown Jordan 11?

Photos: shiekh

yeah ill have a pair. i actually think they will be a go to. they will jus work and i wont worry about wear.

When you say horrible or you talking about the price or the shoe... or both? lol