1Cent Tuesdays: The Sneaker Agreement Between Jordan & Penny

Did you know? Did you know?

Have you ever wondered why Michael Jordan wore a black pair of Nike Air Flight 1s and Penny wore PE Air Jordans? This is Sneaker Dave back again on 1Cent Tuesday with another Penny story, hope you enjoy!

One of the greatest remaining mysteries is exactly why Michael Jordan decided to change shoes during the 1995 NBA playoff series against Penny Hardaway and the Orlando Magic. MJ couldn’t wear the Air Jordan 11 due to its uniform color code policy? Perhaps. But prior to that event, Penny & MJ agreed to switch shoes, a promise that Penny till this day says he still can’t believe. Its the only time MJ ever wore a different pair of hoop shoes on court outside of his own since his Nike deal in the 80s.

Penny on the other hand was one of the 1st NBA players at the time to wear some of the early player exclusive Air Jordans. The word on the street back then was you had to directly ask Michael for that blessing. In today’s league it’s the norm to wear PE’s, but back then it was a badge of respect & honor. It was evident that Penny Hardaway and Michael Jordan shared a mutual respect for each other on the court and with their footwear.