Is This the First adidas Yeezy Foot Locker Return?


A customer returned a pair of Yeezys. Is the hype dead or just resale?

Is This the First adidas Yeezy Foot Locker Return?

What do we have here ladies and gentlemen? Someone took a photo of a customer returning a pair of adidas Yeezys at Foot Locker. Why do you think he returned his Utility Black Yeezy 500s? Did you say because it's hard out here for resellers?

If so, I think we are all thinking the same thing. At one point in time you could barely cop Yeezys, and now resellers are returning pairs as the after-market price continues to drop for Yeezys.

Kanye West went on record when he first signed with adidas and said everyone who wants Yeezys will eventually be able to buy a pair. Well looks like he kept his promise because the last Yeezy 500 didn't sell out immediately like previous pairs.

With adidas increasing production, we all knew it was only a matter of time before resale prices would drop. That said, it's still weird seeing someone have to return Yeezys because the flip isn't worth it.

What do you think is the future of Yeezys?

UPDATE: I totally missed BOOST on the side of the box, so looks like someone returned a pair for 350s.

Is This the First adidas Yeezy Foot Locker Return?

Photo: Joe Berg

Here’s the thing G. Whose to say that he wasn’t returning some fakes? Maybe or maybe not but I don’t think Yeezy’s are going anywhere. They might not sellout as quickly as they use to and the resell might die but ultimately the cost to make a sneaker is far less than the retail price so Adidas wins regardless. Look at Jordan Brand people say they were dead but MJ/Nike’s pockets are fine. Bottom line I just think not many people were checking for this particular colorway.

That first sentence is a whole nother topic. You are right. I'm sure retailers are getting fooled left and right with UA pairs. I don't think Yeezys or Jordans are dead. All I see are Yeezys over here. But soon the hype around Yeezys will be dead. And you're right, they are going to make money regardless.