Homecoming NERD adidas Hu NMD

10x better than the other version.

Homecoming NERD adidas Hu NMD...

Pharrell continues to keep things fun over at adidas with new colorways of his Hu NMD. The first NERD NMD released exclusively at ComplexCon, and I didn't bite my tongue as I felt the release was overrated.

The next rumored NERD NMD is 10x better than the other version. This colorway feels and says NERD to me. According to Highsnobiety, this pair is said to be releasing exclusively at Creme in Virginia which explains the Homecoming name.

However, no release date, production numbers or retail price has been confirmed. Without adidas or Pharrell confirming anything, I think we all know this launch is going to be very limited.

Stay tuned for more details and heads up to all the VA readers.


Homecoming NERD adidas Hu NMD

These are fugly, I’ll only support on the music, stule wise gtfoh....

Not sure why they keep using this dead late 90's tech/rave font? I shiver any time I see a pair. Kills any version of the HU Race for me they apply it to and thank god it's only been 2 pairs. Some typefaces unfortunately should die and never be remembered again unless the artist is making a statement or wants to reveal they suck at design/typeface choices.

For some reason, people going absolute nuts over Pharrell NMDs

What about the way things always seem to come back? You don't think this font and other outdated things will return? I'm just asking because things I thought I'd never seen return somehow makes it's way back in "style". Fashion is def funny like that.

Yo G, I agree as a plus, I bet he hasn’t a goddamn thing to do with creativity process. You remember the Ice Creams right. Hell