Game of Thrones adidas Shoes Rumored for 2019

Game of Thrones and adidas because why not?

Game of Thrones adidas Shoes Rumored for 2019

The Dragon Ball Z adidas collaboration made headlines when the news leaked earlier this year. One thing I've figured out over the years is that they are a lot of DBZ fans all around the world.

Like I've said in the past, I missed the boat on Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon so I can't relate and share the same excitement as others. However, I did not miss the boat on Game of Thrones. I'm fully aware of the madness and desire to rule.

Yeezy Mafia is the same handle that leaked news about the Dragon Ball Z collection, and YM recently leaked info regarding an adidas Game of Thrones collaboration.

According to the photo, it looks like there will be a sneaker to represent each family. We have an idea of what the Stark adidas Ultra Boost will look like below. I wonder if all the sneakers are Ultra Boosts?

This collection will sell out on the strength of GoT's fanbase alone. The collection is rumored for a 2019 release, so stay tuned for more looks and info.

Any GoT fans reading this? If so, are you excited about this news?

Game of Thrones adidas Shoes Rumored for 2019

I would've rather seen adidas models inspired by characters instead of families. I'm not sure who would've made the cut, but I like that idea better. I'm looking forward to seeing the entire collection.

"One thing I've figured out over the years is that they are a lot of DBZ fans all around the world." #FACTS...only problem is that not even DBZ cleared these the way Adidas had hoped. Two days after release you could have picked up the Yung-1 on StockX for retail or a little over. If you weren't a tier 5 seller on StockX, it would suck to be you. By the looks of some of the stock on several websites, those that wait will be rewarded for their patience.

I was also curious whether they were all going to be ultraboosts but that would make little sense strategically but this is Adidas, who is closing their Confirmed App, which never worked for millions, to begin with. I guess to build excitement they decided to start with a UB, since it's probably going to be the best or most popular of the other models. I would be extremely careful taking information from YM. The DBZ was never an official partnership. I looked everywhere for an official statement and then looked at all the release sites and their language carefully. This is dangerous because we've gone from naming everything to naming everything and associating names and images the brand never intended.

Where is the official Adidas release statement?

Ha! That is true. The way the leaked info came off like it was an official collab. I think everyone thought that.

Maybe it's adidas' attempt to bring back the Ultra Boost hype but those days are over. The shoe is still fine, but the hype is gone. Even with them bringing back the OG already is crazy. So this GoT pack is interesting, esp if it's all UB models.

YM has been right so many times in the past I thought they spoke nothing but the gospel but I guess that's not the case. All that's true about the official statement. Do you think adidas had something to do with leaking that story or working with YM to build hype around the inspiration since it's not an official collab? Think about all the Nike SB Dunks that aren't official collabs. Maybe adidas is working with YM to create hype. Maybe.