Bape adidas Ultra Boost Rumored 2019 Release

It was only a matter of time but Bape is definitely late to the party.

Bape adidas Ultra Boost Rumored 2019 Release

We all knew it was coming but what the heck took so long? That's a serious question. The adidas Ultra Boost was introduced early 2015 and we've seen a gang of collabs since then.

Solebox, Hypebeast, Kith, Reigning Champ, Undefeated, Sneakersnstuff just to name a few. I was sure a Bape Ultra Boost was going to drop in the middle of the UB hype. The hype is long gone, so it's weird to see this collab arrive so late.

Word is Bape's Ultra Boost will release January 2019 for $200. The execution is similar to many of Bape's previous collabs. I've never been a fan of colored Boost, so I'm good on the Black Boost alone. White Boost is the way to go in my book.

Let's be honest, it doesn't matter how I feel or how anyone feels because this shoe is going to sell out on adidas.com and other retailers regardless. Keep in mind this is just a mock-up so maybe I'll like this collab a little more once I see actual photos.

Stay tuned for more!

Why do you think it took so long for this collaboration?

Bape adidas Ultra Boost Rumored 2019 Release

Source: Yeezy Mafia

Because they trying to bring the UB back to life. Any Bape collab sells out so this should help.

Feels desperate. People largely moved past UB’s, don’t beg the buyers to move backwards, use a new model, or breathe life into an older one, and move everyone forwards.

I totally agree, 100%. Bape was the "safe" call to stir up some hype but this pair will sell and people will return to normal. I think adidas Running should create a new take on UB or a new model like you said and then see what happens instead of depending on Bape for hype.