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adidas To Re-Release OG Ultra Boost Colorway in 2018

Wow. Who honestly saw this coming?

adidas To Bring Back OG Ultra Boost Colorway in 2018...

Retro Season.

That was extremely quick. Word on the web is that adidas Running will re-release the OG Ultra Boost colorway this year. If you don't like calling this the OG Ultra Boost, just call it the first Ultra Boost release.

adidas introduced the Ultra Boost in 2015, so it's pretty shocking to see Retro Ultra Boost colorways already. I thought adidas would've retro'd this colorway in 2020 for the 5th Anniversary but not in 2018.

According to Highsnobiety, the OG Ultra Boost will be re-released in December. This just means if you've been living in regret about passing on this colorway, you will have another shot at getting a pair for retail.

Are you excited or surprised about this news? Must cop or easy pass?

adidas To Re-Release OG Ultra Boost Colorway in 2018

Ive said it before and Ill continue to say it...Adidas go to market strategy absolutely sucks...They are there own worse enemy....They figure out a way to cannibalize all there products time and again...They had a winner with the ZX Flux...what happened to that?? They had a winner with Tubular...what happened to that??? They clearly have a winner with Boost...so what do they do with that??? Lets put it in EVERYTHING possible and make 700 different variations and product lines....THEN when they start backing up on shelves...cause at this point no one can tell the difference between UB, NMD, R1, NMD R1, Pharrells joints, PKCP3 and so on and so.....they are either starting to get a mass influx of RTV's...they have to start discounting to move units...which they absolutely CANT do because of both the licensing and fee agreement with BASF and Continental...what do they do??? Let start to retro the product we know (we hope) will sell....Great move Adidas....this will definitely help move that stock this is backing up on shelves...

Def surprised to see this colorway returning so soon. Please grab a pair if you can. This pair has the best Primeknit toebox to me when it comes to design. I love the black/grey mix. My pair is BEAT but they don't look horrible lol

DAMN. You made some really great points. You listed a nice timeline of adidas killing its own product. I'll still rock my UB but they def got carried away. The Alpha Bounce could've been another one, but they bodied that model fast. I remember the dude who started Boost Vibes on IG started Bounce Vibes too because he assumed Alpha Bounce was about to be the new UB. Nope! It prob could've been tho.

Damn forgot about AB...remember when's the Aramis joints dropped and everyone was calling them the Yeezy runners??? Damn the hype was real....now there 4 different product lines of Aplha Bounce and ALL of them are available in a Marshalls near you for $39.99.....remember Pure Boost??? Another winner....guess what?? They sitting right next to the Alpha Bounce in the same Marshalls...😂🤣....no one does it like the Swoosh man..

they should release the GS original ultra boost colourway. the adidas originals box blue on the heel counter really set that pair apart from all others..

agree with everyones statements about adidas being their worst enemy with releases, and boosting too many models unnecessarily.. dont think they should have ever left the pattern of the original ultraboost... its the only one that ive liked/picked up... the 2.0, and 3.0 are not as appealing visually.