Download "Bootlegged & Unreleased"

Free download of unreleased Scumfrog gems

Hey guys, and welcome to my new internet home!

As you probably know already, many of the tracks, edits, remixes I made specifically for high profile performances have remained unreleased as individual tracks...until now!

"Bootlegged & Unreleased" is a collection of tracks that you might know from my past five years of DJ sets. And now, because I received so many requests about them through the years, I made them available as individual tracks.

If you click "follow" in the top-right corner of this page, and enter your email address, I will email you a link to download "Bootlegged & Unreleased" for free. (I will send you a maximum of three newsletter per year, and I will absolutely not spam you)

BUT......If you are totally excited about this gift, then you can also make a donation and get premium access to my DJ Mixes archive. If you donate $8 or more for Bootlegged & Unreleased, you will receive access to my DJ mixes archive where you can download all of my DJ sets from the past years. The archive is updated constantly when a new set is recorded, it often features sets long before they are published on streaming platforms such as Soundcloud and Mixcloud, and it even has sets that are not publicly available at all.

Enjoy all the new music, and feel free to browse around my new pages, and leave comments and feedback. Edited

See you on a dance floor soon!

The Scumfrog

Thank you @soheil ! Stay tuned here. Much more coming!

Thank you for these!! Awaiting patiently to play them :)

Soooooooooooooo been waiting for something like this. Can't wait for those crunchy tunes to infiltrate my earholes! Thanks buddy!

yummmmy edits. how long does it take to get the dload link email? cannnnnot wait!!!


WHOOO!! Just followed ya. Very much looking forward to getting the DL link, and signing up for the archive soon too!

Thank you guys! The email with the link usually arrives in your inbox 15 minutes after you follow the site. :)

You played an amazing set at Opulent Temple White Party Friday night! Thank you! It was truly sacred.


Thank you Jenab! It was a very special set for me as well. Such great energy in that place!

I don't see the follow button but would love to download these gems!

Where can I find the link? Havent seen an option to follow you...

@fleiaway the link is sent to your email you used to register. :)

so pumped to check these bootlegs out. Thank you so much for making them available.


@thescumfrog sry, but I have only verify link, how I can get this gem?

You are supposed to have a separate email with the download link

@thescumfrog I haven't :(
don't know how fix it , maybe donate for archive?
because it's amazing)))!!
if my email can help ( nikitaye7@icloud.com ), ty for feedback


Hi mate! Also haven't received the email with download link - only the verification email... Here is my email incase there is a technical error or something..? (nicholasdowdall@gmail.com). Looking forward to seeing you play in London on Friday!

Everyone, thank you for your patience. The bug with the auto-reply emails has been fixed. You should all have an email with the download link right now. Thank you for your patience!

applied but no downloads.....