No More Role Models 01-12-18

Role Models, Adoption in Georgia and Unintended Consequences of Marijuana.

Tonight on the show Erick goes over more fallout from Trumps ****hole comment, are there any role models left in politics, adoption politics in Georgia and more unintended consequences of legal marijuana.

I happen to agree with the President, however, I think, as does the President, we need a moratorium on immigration until what we have can assimilate or be deported. Furthermore, we need some objective studies on what type of person assimilates best so that we can focus on those type of people - not a nationality but a character, motivational, background, etc traits. The type of immigration we have been doing is really stupid and the President understands that even if he has a very blunt, blue-collar way of putting it. What we have done so far has the real potential to change us from a Christian nation into something entirely different and it is doing just that in pockets currently in places like Minnesota and Michigan. Immigration should be done with the goal of keeping America, America instead of changing it into something different. It should also be done so that it does not expand our already burdened assistance programs. You have to understand that the mindset of peoples from other lands are not similar to ours and it can be difficult to change. Most people do not understand that - hence, unfettered immigration. I could go on with examples and other insights but I think you get the point.


The same people who object to the term are the ones who fight to keep from sending "temporary" immigrants back to those countries because they are so awful. Saint Barack used almost the same term for Libya. Referring to the conditions in a country or area is not the same thing as disrespecting the people who live there, but the Left will use any excuse, no matter how bogus, to dig up the old "RACIST !!" theme. Surely the relentless hysteria of the Left will start to wear thin on more nerves than just those of conservatives.. At least using an off-color term to describe some countries won't result in Armageddon or the total extinction of the human race---but give the screamers time, they may decide it will.

There aren't any role models in politics, and haven't been for a very long time. Even men and women like Reagan and Thatcher were flawed, imperfect human beings like the rest of us, but we are in a war, and the barbarians are inside the gates. Our ideas and worldview are worth defending. The best we can hope for until the Lord returns is to find those strong enough to fend off the lunatics and agents of the enemy who wage their war against Western Civilization and Christendom. Fatalism is not an option. Make no mistake, the messianic state, which wishes to be our temporal god, and the cultural warriors hate us--our families, faith, work ethic, and our very existence it seems, and by guilt, the steady poisoning of the well of liberty, or by force, they seek to separate us from Jesus, their main competitor for the hearts of the populace. The madness never ends, and everyday seems to be Groundhog Day. He wasn't my candidate in the primaries, but flaws, warts, and all, Trump is the man for this moment, and I pray for him. We stand at the edge of the abyss and no longer have the luxury of fiddling while Rome burns. As the combatants lock horns, the pundits howl, and others fret about the loss of a congeniality that never really existed, I am anchored in the Rock of Ages and not blown about by temporal storms. Each skirmish just reminds me of the day that I went under new Management, Who won't resign and can't be impeached. To paraphrase Chuck Colson, my Savior won't be arriving by Air Force One. His will be done in all things. Grant grant us the wisdom to recognize His will and to not pretend that we know enough to substitute ours for His.

AMEN, Reaganite.

Role model in Congress: Senator Ben Sasse