I am in total agreement with you. We can not save the whole world and all people who live in bad countries. They need to get together and fight to reform their on countries. Running to other places and expecting us or our country to chance for them is not right. My ancestors came over when their was only the American Indians and we built this country, we faught for it, bleeded, farmed. The people who came over here after this country was formed, in the early 1900's until the early 1970's assimilated in to the US. They became Americans, but in the 1980's the immigrates to some extend stopped assimilating, they expected us to make changes to their beliefs, their languages and their needs. Their children were born and were American's but they were still foreigners themselves because they would not assimilate to the culture of the US. Our country was formed on Christian values, we speak English but remember we didn't create slavery . It goes way back almost to the beginning, American's didn't go over to Africa and bring in the slaves it was the English, French and the Spanish and the ancestors of the African's in most case sold them into slavery. You can bring down statuses, try to replace all the history books but history is history. In Germany, the Germans did terrible things to the Jew people of manys countries including their on. The Romans did horrible things to the Christian's and the Egyptians did horrible things to their on people as well as Jew's people. History is their for us to learn from what not to do as well as what can work. Their is not a country any where in history you cannot find some kind abuse to some part of it's people.