You're All Cucks Now

He's cheating on you too now. With illegal aliens.

I said repeatedly on the campaign trail that you could not trust a man who had cheated on three wives, boasted about it, and lied about it. He would cheat on you just as he cheated on them. But character didn't matter to you. Even now, with word of the affair with a porn star, you won't believe your lying eyes. "There's no proof," some of you say. Others say it does not matter because that was his private life.

Actually, it is his character. If he cheats on the woman he swears to love forever before God, he will cheat on you.

And so he has.

President Trump wants to give 1.8 million illegal aliens citizenship. It is something he said he would never do. And now he is the one pushing citizenship for 1.8 million illegal aliens.

You're cucked and you will like it. Now defend it because your guy cuts the best deals.

Oh, and by the way, I'm okay with the plan.

Cuck (or "cuckservative" widely used in the last election) is a loaded, derogatory term used to infer that the ones you tar with that label have prostituted themselves or are weak and/or effeminate. Adding ed to it is another way of saying the word (and all of its derivatives) that I despise. A little winsomeness goes a long way. I was a Cruz supporter, but I fail to see how insulting many of your readers wins people to your point of view or enhances your witness.

riverrat,,,,,,I don't condone Trump's sexual history just like I didn''t condone Clinton's. Trump's language isn't half as bad as LBJ's. Trump's lack of political finesse is actually a relief. Trump's lack of political correctness is enjoyable. Trumps economic, social and operational success is fabulous. That we don;t have Hillary is heavenly. So, I guess I will gladly accept the status quo.

What will be the impact of a wall, since net migration over the past 10 years is negative?

😂 love it!

Have you read The Art of the Deal? It's just an instructional guide on how to con people. And a bad one at that. That's because he is a con man. No different than a corner dealer. The thing about con men is that every single thing that comes out of their filthy rotten mouths is a lie. Every single thing. "I will never stop fighting for you." A lie. And people believe him because "he tells it like it is." And they wonder why I think they're so gullible. Because they are. A con man says he's honest and they believe him.