You know I get all the platitudes about immigrants. My grand parents blah blah blah. That was then, this is now. Today e pluribas unum is replaced by Identity politics and increasing balkanization of our electorate. This is primarily a creation of the progressives. By fomenting distrust of others (primarily white consrvatives and mid Americans) it is easier to sell an us again this agenda

This has given rise to an expanded dependent class and a larger more powerful Federal govt. This development is anti liberty, and totalitarian on it's ultimate manifestation. This is the best argument for.limited merit based immigration policies. The alternative is a fundamental betrayal of the American way of life.

No more lottery, chain migration or babies born into citizenship if the parents aren't citizens. Even Russians are pulling this crap now.

I have been in public policy for decades. It was actually possible at one time to work with Republicans and Democrats. I am a firm believer that this nation needs at least two political parties and the more we drift away from that, like California, it hurts all Californians.

It is very unfortunate that you are so dismissive about "...the platitudes of immigrants" ----"blah, blah, blah". I do not need to know your family tree to say that I am 100% that was not the attitude of your immigrant roots and the generation of your people that first set foot in this nation. Chain migration was responsible for virtually all of the US that we know today. I know you do not care because that was then this is now. But you make the connection that today's immigration is bad --- is that because it is not as "white" as it was "back then" when your people came over? All I know is that immigrants continue to make major contributions to this nation. My grandparents worked in the fields and never took welfare. They earned their SS checks because they paid into the system after decades of working in the fields. They purchased their own home and some property, they paid taxes, never broke a law, never involved in any public fights, did not drink alcohol etc. I do not say these things to get your approval I simply am trying to inform you that your attitude is very poorly misplaced and will have its consequences as we are seeing today. Many people your comments imply you dislike will not go away despite how much you desire, and policies you prefer. They are Americans either by birth or by the fact that we, as a nation, encouraged them to come to work in jobs that many have been at for decades. You may hate me even more when I say that when I was ten I started working in the fields of California during every summer for money to pay for my school clothes. I was born in Sacramento and seldom ever saw an immigrant with a European background in the fields. Workers were needed and even more so today. But this work was considered work for "Mexicans". We did not create this situation Bigdaddycd--we did not create this situation!

As usual progressives are conflating illegal immigration with ALL immigration. And frankly I don't think Democrats give a damn about immigrants. What they do care about is POWER. Just look at the way the Dems treat black Americans. They use race pimps like Waters Sharpton et.al. to help keep them in their place by passing out crumbs of money and fomenting outrage at election time then ignore their true needs the rest of the time. The race pimps are the true Uncle Toms oppressing their own people in order to curry favor with their white Democrat "Massa's"