You Filthy Animals Have to Stop Watching Home Alone

You filthy animals are watching dehumanizing racism.

"Keep the change you filthy animal." It's a line from a made up black and white movie that Kevin, the protagonist, then says of the bad guys who try to rob his home.

Democrats, however, have decided it is dehumanizing to call anyone, even murderous criminals, "animals." You can dehumanize a child in order to abort him so he doesn't grow up to be a future criminal, but you can't call him an animal.

Stop watching Home Alone. It's no longer allowed because Trump.

Calling a murderous gang "animalism an outgrowth the Trump Derangement Syndrome. The Left has become incapable of holding back that Ignorance is not an excuse for STUPIDITY.

"animals" is

Seems pretty simple to me. Don't want to be called an 'animal'? Don't act like an animal.

Shocking, I know.

And don't forget the typical liberal hypocrisy as a CNN reporter calls Trump an 'animal' in 2016, but then decries the term being used for a murderous gang in 2018.

I thought we were supposed to stop watching it because of Trump's Cameo in the sequel:

I think you might be reading a little far into this one. people don't use the same words over and over. just let it be.