Why Roger Ailes Took Me Off Fox News

Elaine Chao did not like me writing critically about​ her husband, Mitch McConnell.

Several years ago, during the early days of the 2014 primary season, I was scheduled to be on Fox News and the hit got cancelled. That, in and of itself, was not unusual. What happened next was. And it is somewhat relevant to this piece circulating from the New York Post about Mitch McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao.

Roger Ailes had Bill Shine reach out before he himself reached out. Roger had a problem and the only way he could resolve the problem was to take me off the air. Elaine Chao was on the Newscorp board of directors and, according to Roger, Elaine was "riding [his] ass" about me being on Fox. I was supporting Matt Bevin in the 2014 Republican primary in Kentucky against McConnell. And it didn't matter why I was on television and on what topics I was or was not talking, Chao had told Roger I was an unwelcome presence on Fox and not a team player. Roger had not only told me, but conveyed to my boss at RedState that I was becoming a problem for him with Elaine.

Roger felt the need to apologize, but told me that as long as I was writing about McConnell at RedState that I would find my appearances on Fox limited. I kept writing about McConnell. To his credit, Roger later called me and said he appreciated that I was willing to give up air time to keep doing what I believed in. He said most people would have shut up to be on TV.

Still, it was an unusual thing. At CNN, numerous Republicans and some Democrats had complained about me being on TV. But no one ever got me taken off air. I had long dismissed the idea that Fox really was tied in some way to the GOP. But the wife of the Senate GOP leader was able to get the head of a TV network to take me off air for writing about her husband at an unrelated website.

You are better off without FOX and look what happened to Ailes... Mitch McConnell needs someone to keep him from being a Democrat. I appreciate your integrity, the Lord has your back and always provide you a way to influence people in a way that honors Him. Thank you!!

I notice you aren't on Rush any longer either. I believe what you're saying but I think you have a broader problem. You constantly trash Trump which is your right but how can you call yourself a conservative when you know he is all that stands between us and the far-left rule? We are facing a one-party government we will never come out from under but you would rather destroy Trump. Suck it up buttercup.

Maurie, you nailed the problem, but the problem is the wrong reason why we have the problem. There is too much talk about the personal lives of those who run for office and not enough about how they think this country's business should be run, and what policies should be put into place. The media seems to spend more time on, and place more emphasis on, the personal lives of the various candidates that run for office, and not so much on how they would conduct this country's business. What businessman or businesswoman would keep their business afloat if they spent money like our Senators and Congressmen and women spend our money? What business man or woman would agree to buy something before they knew what it was. What business man or woman would be able to use share-holders money as pay-off to keep someone quiet, and still stay in business? And how many businesses would stay in business if they had employees who didn't work, yet got paid for not working? And if the CEO were so dumb as to think that an island could tip over, or that you have to make business decisions before you knew what you were buying, how many of the shareholders would stick with the business? The problem is that our government isn't run like a business. No business would be able to stay in business if they gave money to people who didn't like the business and wouldn't buy the product the business put out, all in hope that the business would get something in return? There are many government policies that NEED to be changed in order for our country to become like a thriving business. There has never been a time in all of history where so many people have access to so much information, and still they/we make really really dumb decisions.

It was 2014. Had NOTHING to do with Trump. READ before commenting!

Donald Trump is not a conservative.