Why Does Louis Farrakhan Have a Blue Checkmark, Twitter?

Twitter has revoked blue checkmarks of white supremacists and other racists. Why does Farrakhan still have one?

Twitter has changed how it awards blue checkmarks. It used to be that the blue checkmark meant Twitter had just verified that someone of note was on the service and that this was their legit account. Over time, however, Twitter took the position that in handing out blue checkmarks it was somehow finding the person's comments acceptable.

As a result, white supremacists have seen their blue checkmarks gone. Some people have, with pride, tweeted things to get Twitter to revoke their blue checkmarks. And Twitter has willingly obliged. It did not want to give verification to white supremacists and anti-Semites.

But Louis Farrakhan is a noted anti-Semite. He is no fan of white people or Jews and his racist rhetoric is as awful as many of the white supremacists whose blue checkmarks Twitter has revoked. So why does Twitter treat Farrakhan differently from the other racists and anti-Semites? Are they willing to endorse his conspiracies against Jews, etc.?

Could it be that they believe as he does, so sees no problem.

To all the nitwits who call every public figure who is not Democratic/progressive a "Hitler" - listen to Farrakhan's rhetoric and then use your feeble remnants of literacy and logic to compare his expectorations to Hitler's sermons against the Jews. Farrakhan is the ONE who deserves the title of a true pupil of Nazism.

If Twitter delegitimizes Farrakhan, it would make his supporters in the Black Caucus look like anti-Semites as well...which they are, but it's racist to point that out.


Because Farrakhan is a member of the same left they are and they don't criticize or censure their own. Yes, I am sure that they would endorse them, or at least be acceptable to them as long as those views come from someone that is aligned with them politically. They don't actually care about racism, they care about promoting their own ideology and tamping down on opposing ideologies, good or bad is irrelevant.

Did you try to ask them to get an answer? Like a, I don't know, journalist would?