Why Did Orrin Hatch Keep Rob Porter as Chief of Staff for Three Years?

How does someone do what Porter did and have a career as a Senate Chief of Staff?

I think this question needs to be asked. Rob Porter floated around the Hill between offices before landing in Orrin Hatch's office where he served for three years as Chief of Staff. In fact, Orrin Hatch recommended Porter to the White House.

What, if anything, did Hatch know?

It seems a bit odd that his two ex-wives would only speak out now. I would suspect they have spoken out before, but they never got attention for what they were saying. It seems to me we should want to know how Porter could have a successful career as Chief of Staff for a United States Senator after abusing two wives.

People who behave well and do a good job in public can perhaps escape punishment for private sins, people just "can't believe it", however, having worked around the court system for years - ex wives are not always credible witnesses. Sometimes we just don't know what has actually happened and accusations are not facts.

Great question Erick.

Liberal? Both of those ex-wives are Mormons and they have been telling the truth about what Porter did for them for years. Lemme guess, you thought Roy Moore was a stand-up guy too, even though many of his victims voted for 45. These two women (and there's a third, an ex-girlfriend) are spastic over Porter because he beat them up, emotionally, mentally, physically.

Due process is not a part of a security clearance. Investigation and interviews by the FBI and adjudication for suitability on that information is how it works. The adjudicator failed in this case. Porter was a classical security risk due to his derogatory behavior witnessed by multiple individuals. QED

There are a couple of problems with MistyBat's narrative. First, her claim about the counsel from Porter's ecclesiastical leaders is unverifiable. That Bishop can never comment on the content of confidential counsel. Second, "not make a fuss" is a lot different from get out of the situation. In fact, keeping Porter employable would have a direct impact on spousal support after divorce.