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Where Is God?

In light of the school shooting in Florida, it is worth remembering where God is.

I filmed this shortly after the church shooting in Texas as some were actually mocking people's faith claiming the church shooting was proof there is no God. With the shooting in Florida and the usual screaming beginning again, I wanted to repost it.

Maybe HE is getting tired of our crap

All creation groans with the pains of childbirth, awaiting the freedom from the slavery of corruption. These events tend to move us one of two directions: either toward Christ in a reminder that our hope of redemption doesn’t await in the grasp of people whose morality and love are constantly improving, or toward rebellion against God, living under the assumption that our continual evolution of the human species will allow us to eventually grow out of such atrocities. Enough laws, enough publicity, enough education, enough medication...will eventually bring such violence to a final curtain.

As you note all too well, Erick, there is no ‘outgrowing’ these events. They have been a part of human history since the first days in which humans began to make history. Whether it is Cain with a rock in a field over a rejected sacrifice, or ISIS with a suicide vest over a desire for an overbearing theocracy, or a former student with a rifle over unforgiving grievances, hate will continue until the moment that Love returns to earth to conquer evil.

So as parents weep and educators and a nation mourn, it serves us all to remember that our heart breaks for the lives lost in this tragedy, an even greater sorrow should be reserved for the brokenness of humanity, and the knowledge that so many who should be turning TO the Lord at the moment for consolation and comfort will instead be turning to cameras and the media in order to blame the very one who actually bring about true change in the human heart—the REAL culprit in these travesties.

Yes we need to get back to the Bible but as you know the Word tells us that in the latter days, there will be a falling away and we have really seen that around the world and people are falling faster each and every day. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

They kicked Him out of schools and the public square...Thank you posters...wise words....

In the beginning when God created all things he gave humans a unique gift: FREE WILL! He did not create puppets otherwise people would be Stepford men, Stepford women, and Stepford kids, boring. When it is said that we should get back to the Bible, remember the Bible is the chronicles of man's failures despite God being there beside us and often getting us out of jams only to something else stupid.

Some people are asking, Where is God when all of this is going on? Most people forget that God gave mankind free will, and it is Satan who asked the question, "Did God REALLY say?" And today people are still asking that same question, even tho they don't believe that God exists. We want our freedom to live as we want, but along with that freedom comes responsibility, or disaster will follow. Based on the huge number of drug addicts, alcoholics, thefts, murderers etc. mankind isn't doing so well with the freedom God gave to us. As has been said, "You can have your freedom, but are you going to be able to keep it." We don't seem to be doing a very good job of keeping our freedom.

Where was God? Not in Nickolas Cruz' heart. Cruz obviously didn't follow Jesus teaching of Love Thy Neighbor. Cruz obviously didn't fear God's judgment. Cruz obviously didn't fear eternal damnation for his actions on earth. Cruz might have heard these messages, but he didn't take them to heart. Sadly, it appears that Cruz' father died when he was young; so his father was not there to reinforce these important messages for his son to hear, look up to in admiration to his earthly father & take to heart. Instead, Cruz was raised by a single mom (which sometimes works, but not always), and reportedly he was on meds.