“When do two wrongs make a right?” This defense is always used when one side tires of being pummeled by the bully who has for years taken advantage of you through nefarious means. EE you must wake up and join the real world where getting good things done means confronting the other side with what they understand and use. There are so many examples which refute your line of “thinking”. We do not live in a perfect world where everyone plays by the rules and if the aggrieved side continues to only hope and pray for a better outcome, it will lose. The “ends have justified the means” is a cornerstone of Democratic strategy. We now have a President who is fighting back against that tactic with a style you don’t like. Boo boo. Push Back has to be ugly to achieve attention to the deep embedded irrational thinking which has for years been seeping into our political, cultural and legal institutions. Throughout history it has taken the rebel with unorthodox ways to change established ways. The Establishment has always protected itself by denouncing these rebels as malcontents, rabble, threats to good order. So many examples come to mind, but since EE seems to have selective memory loss, I’ll list a few starting with the ultimate revolutionary, Jesus. Martin Luther and ML King, Cromwell, Spartacus, Boston Tea Party “Indians”, The Founding Fathers, etc. I know, I know, the famous debate line, “Senator, I knew Jack Kennedy and you are no Jack Kennedy”. Good line for a laugh and appeal to emotions, but misses the intent of the reference. Just remember, there are deep pocket interest who want to see this President’s policies fail at all costs. Like I have tried to tell EE before, policy and results trumps style.

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This is just another seek and destroy mission by the Anti Trumpers. We are allowing a Lynch Mob to Rule. This is Third World Tactics.

Still Jules
Still Jules

The simple fact is, success for the anti-Trump crowd is failure for the nation.

President Trump is not bad for the country. On the contrary, his policies and actions have been productive and headed in the direction of restoring Constitutional governance. He has refused to legislate from the Oval Office and kicked back to Congress what is in the proper arena of Congressional authority. He has used Executive Orders wisely and with restraint and with legal advice on their use. He has started to reverse the alarming trend of allowing unelected political appointees (heads of agencies) to essentially legislate, which had led to the creation of an unconstitutional de facto fourth branch of government. He is striving to return the Supreme Court to its rightful and legal role. While his strategies upset his opposition, they have proved to be remarkably successful in getting new trade agreements, bringing North Korea to the negotiation table and starting to break up the paralyzing gridlock of former policies and actions.

His presidency is NOT harmful or dangerous to the United States. So far, it has been benign and beneficial. Some, who can't or won't see beyond personality, simply can't or won't acknowledge this, but the facts and results speak for themselves, over and above annoying and sometimes obnoxious personality traits.

What IS harmful to the United States is ongoing purposely created divisiveness, the purposeful efforts to destabilize our society using race and political belief as weapons to demonize large segments of the nation and turn them against each other. What IS harmful to the United States is the legitimization of bigotry, which is what we see when we see societal approval, or at least acceptance, of formalized hatred of, for example, all white people, or all who voted for Donald Trump.

What IS harmful to the United States is a presidency that has to fight for its own life, day in and day out, not just against the political system threatened by a strengthened Constitutional government but against people who purport to support and want a strengthened Constitutional government but just don't want it to be led by someone they personally despise. What IS dangerous to the United States is proving the adage that a house divided against itself cannot stand, if efforts to more fully divide the house of America till it becomes unstable and even collapses, at least partially with the help of people who simply cannot bring themselves to put the welfare of the nation above their own petty emotional indignation.

There is a transparently dishonest effort by those who have made the decision that their personal gripes transcend any civic duty to support and defend our nation by claiming that this is really just proof of a higher morality, a more nuanced moral compass that puts personal feelings above consideration for the welfare of their nation. But they simply lack the courage or character to see any higher calling than indulging their frustration and fury, even to the detriment of the security of the nation.