What’s There to Hide?

Maybe we are all missing something, but knowing what we know now it seems there is nothing to hide about Donald Trump, Jr.’s meeting. So why keep hiding stuff?

The Trump team botched the handling of this matter such that the press could dribble out information. First there were four, then five, then a spy, then eight people attending the meeting. It didn’t happen, it might have happened, it happened, and now?

The entire debacle is an exercise in how not to manage a crisis and it begs the question of what is there to hide? What is there left to learn? And, frankly, because of the feigned transparency by Donald Trump, Jr. can anyone really trust that everything was revealed even if he does reveal supposedly everything?

The President’s agenda and Presidency are being sidelined by a scandal that did not have to be. The President’s son and son-in-law, had they engaged in actual transparency instead of feigned transparency, could have killed the story on day one. Instead, they made it worse.

Even Republicans now have a growing sense that there is something being covered up. While Trump’s die hard loyalists are now suddenly learning Russian and reading up on Bernie Sanders’ honeymoon to plan their own vacations, a significant number of Republicans are not suddenly going to cheerlead Vladimir Putin. The ongoing entanglement between this White House and the Russians will only hurt the President.

We should not be surprised if, come next year, a number of Republicans willingly stay home and hand races to the Democrats just so Congress will actually aggressively probe what looks more and more like the cover up of something nefarious.

The odds are there really is nothing there. But with the way the Trump family is behaving one can be excused for thinking otherwise.