What An Arrogant Thing Bob Corker Did. Shame on Him.

The old white guys in the Senate always try to stop women and minority conservatives from joining the institution.

Bob Corker has decided that Marsha Blackburn should not be in the Senate. The result is Corker now trying to sabotage her bid. He is telling people that she cannot win and has media and party allies doing the same.

According to Corker, only Corker can win the Senate. This is ridiculous.

Time and time again, the GOP old white guy establishment does its best to shut out the women and minority conservatives who would expose the old white guys as the moderate and liberal Republicans they are.

Blackburn is heads and tails better than Corker and would be a viable candidate, but Corker is trying to sabotage her. Shame on him.

I quit caring what Bob Corker thinks after he decided he knew more about treaties than the Constitution did. Marsha is probably going to have to primary him to get him out of the way to beat Phil Bredesen, but she will. The Democrat machine is bringing up polls that say Bredesen is ahead of Blackburn, and the Corker supporters are saying he has a better chance of beating Bredesen, but that just shows that he is a weak candidate and is vulnerable to a Democrat in a Republican state. That is nothing I would want to brag about when considering trying to hold on to a senate seat. The only thing that can get Corker to defend his seat is that the Democrats do their usual crossing over in the primary to give Corker the challenge, instead of allowing Blackburn to fight for the win in the general election. And that is the Thad Cochran way of doing things. corker will just go more to the left if he wins, but Bredesen can beat him to a pulp. Corker should just let his retirement start on schedule and quit giving gifts to Democrats.


I have an idea! Why don't conservatives make ending open primaries a serious goal so we stop liberal mischief making in Republican primaries? Why do we put up with this nonsense election after election?


So is there a reason that Blackburn being a woman matters because talking about how the old white guys are always trying "to stop women and minorities" is something I'd more expect to hear from a liberal obsessed with identity-politics.

Don't worry. corker couldn't be elected dog catcher in Tennessee now. We may be deplorables, but we ain't stupid. He couldn't beat Marsha in the primary let alone a full vote.


What we see in the Congress of the elderly corrupt Establishmentarians crushing the younger more ideologically driven Conservatives is actually a microcosm of what's going on in the states where hundreds of thousands of elderly racists who are four decades past their sell-by dates march to the polls in lock-step to try to vote the 50's back. They're constantly reaching back a generation when we need to get newer, more fresh faces and ideas, and simply turf out the votes of younger, more firebrand conservatives and their candidates in the primaries. This dynamic isn't going to change until people born after the Vietnam War start to make up the majority of Republican primary voters. Only then will Chris McDaniel find enough votes in Mississippi to beat Thad Cochran.

I think this has little to do with sexism, and more to do with McConnell and Company doing what they always do... protecting the incumbency of the inner circle. Quite honestly, I don't think there's a significant difference between the two to begin with.

It's good that Corker is leaving. Good riddance.

myeh. Corker would go down in the race against Bredesen. So would Blackburn. Maybe try someone else.

Why is there no context to this piece? No explanation of what Corker did?

I would love to agree with you, but Democrats do love to crossover vote in open primaries to get the right person to beat. Trump is the only example I can think of where it backfired on them. Corker likely thought he had a chance in getting the nod for governor, and that fell through. Corker got elected because he looked slightly better than a Ford from Memphis. Now, I imagine he looks even less slightly better.