What About Bernie Sanders' Rape Fantasies?

The Democrats' almost nominee wrote about gang raping women.

"A woman on her knees, a woman tied up, a woman abused.… A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously." This is from Bernie Sanders' rape fantasies. "Do you know why the newspaper with the articles like 'Girl 12 raped by 14 men' sell so well?" he continued.

It is a small measure of fighting Sanders with one arm tied behind her back that Hillary Clinton did not forcefully use Sanders' rape fantasies against him in 2016. Many liberals made excuses for Bernie while the Bernie bros were out behaving like the men in Bernie's fantasies.

As we re-litigate events from decades ago, as liberals who excused Bill Clinton seek moral high ground against Roy Moore, as Hollywood celebrities get pilloried for decades old behavior, and as news personalities lose jobs for years old tweets, maybe we should finally have a discussion about Bernie Sanders' rape fantasies.

Because, despite protestations, we really have not had that conversation. The media has covered Sanders' disgusting writings only to the extent they can point to them and say they'd been covered. But they have covered them in on the most minimal sense. Ask people at the periphery of politics, not the diehard obsessives, and they'll have never heard of this stuff. But this man was a contender who almost was the Democrats' nominee for President. Democrats caught Donald Trump on tape talking about celebrities being able to grab women by their genitals. The Democrats' almost nominee wrote about gang raping women.

Men of virtue (women now ) was the founding fathers requirement to govern this Republic. Drain the swamp, clean out Hollywood and everything in between. Bernie is a perv and should never get near the White House. Roy, if guilty of allegations has a meeting with the Lord to confess of being a hypocrite.

This double standard must be highlighted and stopped. Everyone should be treated with the respect they deserve and if you are going to represent the public’s interest then then what one does in private when no one is watching should match what is done in public when everyone is


Fair-minded readers should read the 1972 essay directly and not rely on second hand references such as Erick's.

The essay certainly is not very good, but the rape part is at the very beginning and it seems Sanders intention was to attack early 1970s gender stereotypes.

Not aged well at all?
Arguably true ...

Is it a fair indication Bernie is an actual sexual predator like Roy Moore just because he indulged in some "disgusting writing" ??
Give me a break:-) At least until real-life women actually emerge from the shadows and start accusing Bernie of harassing them in the same way as Trump and Moore apparently did.


I don't have to read the salacious details within the essay to know that there is no positive spin that can be put on the how's and why's of its origin. This man is sick, and even though so many commenters believe that a person's degenerate behavior shouldn't be factored into a decision about his potential effectiveness as a public servant, I say that expecting a shred of a moral isn't asking too much! We don't have to lower the bar just to get some things done politically. Ever heard of "in all thy ways acknowledge Him"? It's a great pattern for voting correctly, and it would sure as shootin' disqualify Sanders...and Moore!

mlindroos - nobody has accused Bernie of actually raping anyone, just being a sick man who focused on it in his writings and accusing women of fantasizes about it... Apparently, that is true.

I also read the original article and while I disagree with the conclusions that Sander's reached in the article, he was in no way saying that these types of fantasies are a good thing, rather he was writing about why he thought that they are so common, asserting that they were related to changing gender roles contrasting with the roles as they've developed throughout history. The purpose wasn't to glorify or encourage such fantasies, but rather to at best paint them as an unfortunate reality if not outright condemn them.

He isn't wrong in asserting that rape fantasies are common among women, multiple studies have found that at least a significant minority if not a majority of women have a rape fantasy at some point in their life. For example, this study ( https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/all-about-sex/201508/why-do-women-have-rape-fantasies ) of 355 undergraduate women found that 62% had at some point experienced fantasies related to rape or forced sex, a significant 25% minority had them at least monthly (40% of the 62% who had them)

This type of fantasy is a common enough situation that Christian marriage bloggers commonly address the issue:

Wow, I must be an anomaly or something; this never has been a thing for me. Perhaps I'll add that fact to my thanks to the Lord today. I also have to wonder why these Christians asking these things aren't seeking guidance from prayer and the Word instead of man. But that's just me again.

The first part of the quote, "A woman on her knees, a woman tied up, a woman abused." is the hypothetical fantasy of a man within the article. He's says that both men and women have fantasies involving rape.

Nothing wrong with being in the minority, we're all tempted in different ways, and have different sins that we have a particular weakness for. There are probably things that tempt you that wouldn't cause someone else a second thought.

As far as why someone would go to man (or woman in the last link) instead of directly to prayer and the Word:
-The two aren't mutually exclusive, you can be searching scripture and praying about something while also seeking help from someone else
-Sometimes you can get insight faster by seeking advice from someone who has either gone through the same issues or specializes in helping people with those issues.
-Unfortunately a lot of Christians aren't comfortable enough confessing their sins to one another* as advised in James 5:16. Casting Crowns' "Stained Glass Masquerade" addresses the issue pretty well (As does VOTA's "Honestly" and probably countless other songs).
-Seeking help online gives people the comfort of anonymity that they don't get bringing it up to a pastor, deacon, teacher, parent, etc. While I think that in person confession is better, and that the more into the light of day that you can bring your secret sins, the easier it is to cut them out of your life. Online anonymity can make in person confession easier because it helps you to see that you're not the only one struggling with that sin, that it's a more common struggle than you thought, and that there's hope to overcome it.

*Personal anecdote to illustrate: I was already addicted to pornography before I became a Christian at 15. The first time that I confessed that I was struggling with it to a slightly older guy who mentioned to our Sunday School class that he had dealt with it as well, it took me a couple weeks to even work up the courage to do so and I still couldn't even get the word pornography out of my mouth because I had so much shame and guilt related to it. Every time I would get to that word in the sentence my voice would just completely falter. This was to someone I already knew had experienced similar struggles.

Alex, I hope you are utilizing your talents in some capacity as a youth leader or at least as a role model for young folks. You clearly have a witness, and a very articulate one at that. You also reveal a true heart for people, which is so rare these days. I hope the Lord blesses you on your life journey!

I'm much more articulate with the written word, when I can spend an hour or two writing, deleting, and rewriting what would take a few minutes to say than I am speaking publicly. It's a little bit ironic as well, since the writing part of English was my least favorite subject growing up (love reading though), but I have been thinking about writing a series of articles/blog posts sometime and putting them either here or on Facebook. They would be about views I hold that are controversial within the traditions that formed my views. For example, on why Tithing isn't required of Christians (giving yes, but not tithing a set percentage) and why I reject Dispensationalism (leaning New Covenant Theology, but have some disagreements, mainly that most of them are still Calvinist, while I hold a different view).

I was pretty involved in my church's Youth group in the past, but my current schedule doesn't allow me to do a lot at the moment. I'm working multiple part time jobs, one of which is in the evenings Monday-Thursday, have a 6 week old baby, and my wife has also has some medical issues that make it hard for her to leave a short radius around our house.

Even with that full plate, I have no doubt you will find the direction that takes you smoothly along His will for you. I look forward to reading those blog posts; I, too,have a lot of controversial viewpoints on some widely accepted, long-held beliefs. Congratulations on becoming a new father, and my prayers go out to your wife for healing and to you for His perfect guidance!

Even with that full plate, I have no doubt you will find the direction that takes you smoothly along His will for you. I look forward to reading those blog posts; I, too,have a lot of controversial viewpoints on some widely accepted, long-held beliefs. Congratulations on becoming a new father, and my prayers go out to your wife for healing and to you for His perfect guidance!