Was This Private Flight Related to Mike Pence’s Vice Presidential Bid?

Mike Pence is from Columbus, IN, which is where Cummins, Inc. is headquartered.

Yesterday, a private jet owed by Cummins took off from Columbus, flew to New Hampshire where it waited for an hour before flying to Westchester County, NY, very near Donald Trump’s golf course. Then it flew to Indianapolis before returning home to Columbus. It was a round trip in a day.

This comes on the heels of a reports that people close to Mike Pence’s gubernatorial re-election campaign are suggesting spending related to his re-election is suddenly on hold.

Whether that flight was a business flight for Cummins or privately ferrying Governor Pence for meetings, the fact that this flight is on the radar along with news of Pence’s re-election spending suggests all eyeballs are on him for Trump’s Vice Presidential pick.