Vote for Judge Roy Moore in Alabama

I meant to put this up sooner than now, but I have been near perpetually side tracked in the past few weeks.

It is really rich for McConnell to be complaining about someone spending money against Republicans in primaries when he is the chief culprit of doing so. McConnell turned the NRSC into an incumbent protection racket and even notoriously pushed the NRSC into support Charlie Crist against Marco Rubio and David Dewhurst against Ted Cruz. He also, after Arlen Specter became a Democrat, wanted the GOP to hold its fire against Specter. McConnell even help rally Democrats to keep Thad Cochran in the Senate against Chris McDaniel, who had the support of the base in Mississippi.

The brilliance of the Citizens United case is not that it lets big money into politics, but that it gives the grassroots a fighting chance to raise money against the establishment. There are plenty of Republican incumbents who need to be defeated and their votes to prop up Obamacare are proof. But McConnell would rather spare them because he never really wanted to repeal Obamacare since it would undermine Kentucky’s own Obamacare expansion.

Roy Moore is a great disrupter. In Alabama, McConnell has poured Republican dollars down a black hole to try to get the corrupt Luther Strange elected. Strange was appointed by the former Governor of Alabama after convincing the Alabama legislature not to impeach that governor. The deal looks increasingly crooked and several legislators have stepped forward to say Strange was himself on the verge of being impeached.

Moore would vote against Mitch McConnell and will be a reliable vote for conservatives, not for the establishment. We need Moore in the Senate and we need Strange out of the Senate. If you live in Alabama, I highly encourage you to vote for Roy Moore.