VIDEO: Jake Tapper Calls Out Lindsey Graham

When words come back to bite you

Jake Tapper pointed out Lindsey Graham called Donald Trump the things he is now upset about.

As a SC resident for many years, I wonder the same thing every day. We had some good, qualified candidates in the last primary but SC voters overwhelmingly voted for Senator Graham. In one article I read after the primary that summed up some exit interviews a voter said, "I guess he's doing a good job so I voted for him." [Insert sound of head pounding on desk]

Not to besmirch South Carolinians but it usually comes down to name recognition. Most people do not keep up with world events let alone state politics. They vote for the guy that has been there FOREVER thinking he must be doing a good job and working in their best interest. Let’s not forget the Mitch McConnell money machine. He allocates a tone of money to re-elect this guy because he doesn’t want another Tim Scott. We have the same thing here in Florida...Bill Nelson. I would bet if he walked up to a Floridian no one would know who he is.


I have a sibling, who is basically a Progressive, but is unaware of the Progressivism movement. In trying to explain it to him, he asked if Progressives were only Democrats?
I explained to him that the Progressives have taken over the Democratic Party agenda, and that they are currently infiltrating the Republican Party, but have not yet taken over the agenda.
Given time, they will control both parties.
Beware of men like Lindsey Graham.
The Republican Party had better wake up, or we’ll need a new one!


Add John McCain, Patty Murray, and quite a few others who have been in the House and Senate way too long to the pile and small wonder this country is on a downward slide. An effective third party could possibly stop the slide. Right now the two major parties toss the ball back and forth with one party making changes only to have the other party, when it gets into power, spending way too much time undoing the damage the other party has done; but often making a mess in the process with neither party seeming to care about the consequences that fall on the shoulders of the people who pay for all of it.

good ole L. Graham......he is about as much help to the working folks of SC as "tits" on a boar hog