US Now Officially Recognizes History: Jerusalem is Israel's Capital

Presidents have long said it. Now Trump has done it.

Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel. Politicians of both major political parties, Congress, and the major party platforms have always recognized it as such and every President has campaigned on it. But no one has actually done it. Donald Trump is not only doing it, but he is moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

For people fretting about the "peace process," there will never be peace in the Middle East until Jesus comes back and the "peace process" itself is just an academic exercise.

Consider this an open thread where you can talk about whatever you want.

Absolutely right. The best course for America is to support Israel above anyone else. Only the Prince of Peace can restore peace which will not happen for at least 7-1,007 years based on your eschatology.

In the spirit of patting Trump on the back when he's right, I applaud this move that should have been done years ago.
OTOH it would be nice to finish the brewing war in North Korea before we start a new one in the Middle East.

Figure that it wasn't done years ago for pretty good reasons. People as diverse in their political beliefs as Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Harry Truman and George W. Bush decided against doing this. I think it's going to trigger more violence to no good purpose. I seriously doubt that anyone with skin in the game, including Israel, really wanted this to happen.

3 Days of Rage! I'm wondering how you can tell the difference?

Even if this action does trigger aggression, it will already have been on God's timetable and plan. One thing is for sure: Genesis 12:3 tells us God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. We blessed Israel with this statement of support today, and IF Trump will go forward with the actual embassy move, he can expect to see his presidency take a turn for the better. Remember, God is still and always the One in control, and if we don't know the outcome of anything else, we can know this: He is true to His Word!

Now get rid of that miscue on the Temple Mount. It doesn't belong there.

Should be mosque not miscue ...

Absolutely correct, Eric. Yes, we must pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Yes, there will be no peace in Jerusalem until Christ returns. So we must pray for the Lord Jesus to return soon! Maranatha!

Let's now cement the deal - write it on tablets if you will - by moving the embassy or at least reverse the embassy/consulate designation.

If further conflict should occur, because of this decision, it is not that WE have started a war. Christians and Jews have been under siege eternally by a resilient enemy; it is just that we may take a more active role in response.

I just spoke with Jesus and he said that we need to fix this issue on our own as he's busy holding back Planet X, preventing the end of the world (at least until he figures out how to wedge a big stick in one corner of the universe with which he can prop against Nibiru temporarily, freeing up a bit of time to stop by the Middle East and drop a holy bitch slap on everyone who didn't listen to him the last time he was there (ya'll do remember that whole bit about inturrupting his dinner plans for 12, the flogging, dragging of the heavy cross, those rusty nails, and let's not forget about his having to listen to those two whiners bugging him about that "forgiveness" stuff, plus dealing with losing his lease on that prime burial crypt.. Yeah, he's still sort of sore about all that).
Oh,and bacon. He says he likes it crispy.