Trump's NDA's are Doing More Harm Than Good

The non-disclosure agreements have not stopped the leaks.

Donald Trump has required staffers in the White House to sign non-disclosure agreements that will purportedly last beyond the President being in the White House. Regardless of the merits or even the legality of doing so, I think the NDA's are doing more harm than good.

The NDAs just incentivize anonymous leaking and there has been a ton of anonymous leaking in this White House. Allowing people to feel free to put their names on disclosures allows the White House a greater measure of ability in discrediting or crediting the leaker. After this team leaves Washington, there may be no public book deals, but there will undoubtedly then be people getting paid under the table as sources for books about the White House. The Trump team will have a greater difficulty undermining and discrediting the massive amount of anonymous sourcing.

At the same time, because some people will undoubtedly get the President's permission to tell stories, those stories will come with a veneer of propaganda, i.e. these are the authorized, official spin accounts. Those will give the anonymous sourcing even greater credibility for many people.

There are legal issues here. The work being done in many cases is government work, not private work. But again, regardless of the merits, I think these NDA's do more harm than good and they frankly haven't stopped the non-stop story telling already coming from the White House. It's just that now they get to all be anonymous and excused away as anonymous because of the NDA's.

Remember that Trump was billed as the most "pro-free speech president in history" and all these NDA's are killing his credibility.

Where are out conservative, Constitutional heros speaking up about this? Mike Lee, Rafael Cruz, anybody, Bueller, anybody? Crickets....

I don't think anyone, conservative or not, voted for Trump because he was the crown prince of moral behavior! He was viewed as the only hope to get the nation back on the right track. Our final choice was a Communist, the other we had a lot of history with many questions marks following her name. Many did not vote because they felt there was no acceptable choice! Trump had a history of success in business, which was needed in government, and he promised (with some specifics) to make America Great Again. His predecessor certainly did not have a "spotless record" of behavior and no history of success at anything