Trump 2020

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are putting the President on an easy path to re-election.

"There are very fine people on both sides," the President of the United States said after Charlottesville. The Democrats pounced. How dare the President call white supremacists "fine people." They're monsters, according to the left. Today, however, the left wants you to know that MS-13, a gang that rapes and murders women, literally chops people into pieces, and is trying to expand its foot hold in the United States, has fine people in it. They are not animals. Don't you call bloodthirty rapists "animals." You're the bad person, not them.

Hamas, which is forcing people into a confrontation with Israel, is also a group with fine people in it, according to the left. You know who the real terrorists are? NRA members. Those damn NRA members kill more people each year than the people who pull the trigger in mass shootings.

Also, if you think Caitlyn Jenner is a man, which he is, you're a bigot and need to be silenced. If you don't want Trump supporters in your business, you're a hero, but you better bake that cake for a gay wedding, you bigot. And we need to let black people speak up and be heard, but if they like Trump then they can go to hell. And don't buy anymore Kanye albums or you're a racist. Kanye, you see, is really a white guy. The Atlantic says so.

Y'all, the left is becoming so unhinged that they really are setting up President Trump for re-election in 2020. They have become violent and use violent rhetoric against the right, then curl up in the fetal position when anyone pushes back. They use leftwing groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center to harass and stamp out dissent, then turn their heads when crazy people use the SPLC as motivation for gunning down Republicans.

I have long said the chaotic situation in Washington with President Trump is unsustainable. But the reality is that what is really unsustainable is the growing, open contempt the left has for everyone not down with their group think. MS-13 is a gang of killers and Democratic politicians and members of the press are defending them because they hate Donald Trump.

That pretty much assures us Trump 2020 will be the winning team unless this insanity winds down.

True, Benjamin. But what I see is a continuing death spiral of this country to the lowest common denominator. Our press has become so toxic and our two parties have become so solidified against the people that short of a mass demonstration by the people against all of the above may be the only way out. Hopefully some saner people in both parties will step up to the plate -- but there is always the biased press waiting
to shoot anyone with brains down.


Obviously, it also matters who the left trots out. It'll likely be someone who is further left than HRC. Think Bernie 2.0 or someone who specifically can play the identity card. There are no moderates in leadership positions on the left, so anyone who voted Trump before will likely do so again as a counter to their lunatic platform. I didn't vote for Trump but will almost assuredly do so this time around.


So? Al Gore won the popular vote too-- not like that means anything in this Country, thank God. Hilary lost because she was an absolutely rotten candidate who disregarded the one person in her campaign team who actually knew what he was doing, her husband. As far voting for him again (or the first time in my case) in 2020-- despite the noise, he is governing better than Yubbledoo (G.W. Bush) so far so I'm willing to give him a chance. As for the Democrats, all they have right now is Trot Nump, the son of Bot Nush. That did not work them in '04, and the operational definition of insanity is not going to work for them any better in '20


I'm another who didn't vote for Trump in 2016 but is willing to vote for him in 2020. He has promoted conservative values much better than I ever expected.

"And we need to let black people speak up and be heard..."

How awfully kind of you. This Is America, indeed.


I truly don’t understand why Never Trumpers can’t ever be happy. Any good thing trump does is either because someone else forced him to do it, or because he stupidly ended up there. President Trump has done more for the conservative cause than any president I have ever known. I was born in 1987 at the end of the Reagan era, I love Reagan but never had seen anyone like him since I’ve been following politics. Republicans always promise to be conservative and do these great things but they NEVER HAPPEN! Look at how the debt exploded under Bush. The gop controlled both houses of Congress and never did anything to overturn ROE, didn’t pass tax cuts on the magnitude of trump, never defunded planed parenthood, never moved the embassy to Jerusalem, noting with NK changed...when the tea party won in 2010 nothing changed, 2014 we won the senate nothing changed, voters like me were FED UP! We supported trump not because he was some angel but because he seemed real, authentic, and passionate about our country. All these establishment types were pushed on us...who personally I like especially Jeb and Marco but nothing would have changed with them! Jeb NEVER EVER WOULD HAVE BEAT Hillary ever!! Trump understood our sense of urgency, that if Hillary wins America as we know it...done. Trump, while crude, has fought long and hard, day in and out, for the causes he campaigned on. Never Trumpers who said he was really a democrat have been proven wrong. Trump couldn’t not believe these things at this point. I worry the GOP will lose the midterms not because of trump but because trump voters, tired of being lectured at by “smarter” political pundits and politicians who know better, will drain the swamp of those republicans by not voting. They’ve seen the inaction of Senators and house members who have fought trump every step of the way. I hope that doesn’t happen but it could with the dems enthusiasm. GOP members of Congress go to Washington, become swamp people, and become ashamed of their base. Then tell us we have to vote for them. It’s worse than Hillary saying deplorables because at least she was honest. Republicans despise us and then want us to vote for them. Yeah that’s exactly why trump won.


I grew up in a Democrat household where my dad sat at the feet of Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather every evening.

Reagan was despised and lampooned, but I remember seeing through the vitriol even as a child, and so as a twelve year old for Halloween I wore a Jimmy Carter mask and a dunce cap.

Reagan came and went. He was brilliant, and he was despised by Democrats and Never-Reaganers. Not much has changed. But stupid is as stupid does, and if being a Reagan supporter and a Trump supporter are stupid, then count me in, because I love my country and I want to see her preserved.


Don't insult Reagan by comparing him to Trump


If the Republicans in office had any common sense whatsoever they'd impeach Trump and hope to God Pence has his hands relatively clean. There's literally nothing Trump has done so far that could not have been accomplished by someone like Pence. Nothing. Instead we're shackled with this a55hol3 who seems to want nothing to do with the job aside from the free flights on air force one to Mar-A-Cesspool and to capitalize opportunities to personally enrich himself. His baggage is so great there's very little chance a blue wave won't happen later this year and in 2020. I promise you this. The only question is how many red seats get washed away.


"An easy path to re-election"?

That's a mighty big sentence for a candidate who failed to win even a plurality of the vote in 2016, let alone a majority.

Trump and his various enablers are the ones playing with fire here.


Cynicalnerd wrote: "So? Al Gore won the popular vote too-- not like that means anything in this Country, thank "

It seems you missed the point, which is the ongoing trend with these popular vote losses.

*Bush was elected following Clinton's two term presidency in 2000, despite narrowly losing the popular vote.

*McCain clearly lost to Obama following Bush's two term presidency in 2008, including clearly losing the popular vote.

*Trump was elected following Obama's two term presidency in 2016, despite clearly losing the popular vote.

See the trend?
It used to be the case that Nixon/Reagan/Bush type candidates won in a landslide during the 1970s and 80s. Yet, the GOP voter share has largely remained constant while the Democrats keep winning an ever larger share thanks to the growth of the minority vote. Since 1992 the GOP has managed to win the popular vote exactly ONCE, in seven tries.

So now we have Trump ... that "angry last roar of the dinosaurs". The candidate who doubled down on whites afraid of demographic and social change -- at the expense of everybody else! And it worked! Barely. In 2016. Let's see if he can pull it off in 2020, when Hispanics in particular will form an even larger share of the voting population.

The GOP's future was clearly Marco Rubio or someone like him. Yet the base decided to hitch the future of the party to Donald J Trump. Big mistake.


For decades, but far more so recently, the Left has recalled for me the words of the Apostle Paul: “For this reason, God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.” 2 Thess. 2:11-12.


NickGA said it best. I've been around longer and I am sick and tired of being lied to by so called conservatives who cave at the first sign of pressure from the media. Trump may be crude but he is right. he has my vote in 2020.

Subvet72 and NickGA - thanks for signing the death warrant for anything resembling actual conservatism in the future. Demographically, the numbers are not on our side for another Trump win. We haven't even begun to see what will happen with his support in the farm belt, but I'm guessing a lot of farmers are going to be pissed once they realize how much this idiotic trade war he started has screwed them over. The same for places like Michigan where we've already seen conservatives in Manufacturing complaining about how much this strategy is already hurting them and how many jobs are actually at stake. Trump is so far out of his league with everything he's playing with but you rubes eat it up because it looks like he's "doing something"

I can guarantee you that if there is a blue wave in 2018 and they take back the house and senate and they win the presidency in 2020, it will be impossible for conservatives to claw back any ground once they ram their agenda through.


From the Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader: Eddie Devine voted for President Donald Trump because he thought he would be good for American business. Now, he says, the Trump administration’s restrictions on seasonal foreign labor may put him out of business.

“I feel like I’ve been tricked by the devil,” said Devine, owner of Harrodsburg-based Devine Creations Landscaping. “I feel so stupid.”

Devine says it has been years since he could find enough dependable, drug-free American workers for his $12-an-hour jobs mowing and tending landscapes for cemeteries, shopping centers and apartment complexes across Central Kentucky.

So for years he has hired 20 seasonal workers, mostly from Guatemala, through the U.S. Labor Department’s H2-B “guest worker” program. Importing these workers for a few months cost him an additional $18,000 in fees and expenses beyond their wages, which must be the same as he pays American workers. But that’s the only way he could serve his customers.

Devine says he lost a $100,000 account because he didn’t have enough men to do the job. He’s worried he may be out of business next year if things don’t improve.

He isn’t alone. Cuts in H-2B visas are hurting small businesses across the country that can’t find Americans willing to do hard, manual labor: Maryland crab processors, Texas shrimp fishermen, and Kentucky landscapers and construction companies.

“We live and die by these visas,” said Ken Monin, owner of Monin Construction, which specializes in home additions, roofs, decks and garages. “Last year we about went bankrupt. The workers we were supposed to get in March didn’t show up until August because they couldn’t get visas.”


Devine said he believed Trump’s America-first promises. But cutting off a good supply of seasonal foreign labor when Americans won’t take those jobs is only hurting American business owners and the U.S. workers they employ, he said.

These workers aren’t immigrants, and there is no path to U.S. citizenship. When their seasonal work is done, they return home. That’s why Devine thinks the Trump administration’s stifling of guest-worker programs has more to do with racism than economics. “I think there’s a war on brown people,” he said.

But what makes him most angry is that Trump’s properties in Florida and New York have used 144 H-2B workers since 2016. “I want to know why it’s OK for him to get his workers, but supporters like me don’t get theirs,” Devine said.


I think that there are many people who didn't vote for Trump the first time because all they knew was from the campaign Badminton and his famous: You're Fired TV show :-). Now they’ve seen what he can do, and that it really DOES take a business minded man to run the country with all the wheeling and dealing that it requires. I watched a Documentary about him and was impressed, at the time he was building Trump Towers when he finally learned the venom of politics as the then Mayor Koch, who hated him, tired to put stumbling blocks in front of him. I think he learned then, how to combat politics. He is bold and can be forceful, that with his New York attitude, I would not be surprised, if he continues in the way he is going, that he should win re-election; by both the electoral and popular votes.

Since the early days of the American Republic, when the two-party system naturally evolved, American politics has been like a pendulum. One party gets in and either screws up or remains in power long enough to wear out its welcome, and then the other party gets in. And so on and so on and so on. It's only been in my lifetime (half a century and small change) that parties started believing that when they won a national election, they'd won for good, and that the other party was "dead" and would never recover. Democrats, naturally, were the first tribe to succumb to his hubris. They'd run the country more or less for fifty years when Ronald Reagan came along. Since they couldn't imagine Reagan actually winning the presidency, they complacently assumed that he wouldn't. And then he did, and their world collapsed all around them. And then he had the greatest and most successful presidency of the twentieth century. He was the anti-FDR (in form if not in every last detail). And when he rode off into the sunset, his "wimpy" veep succeeded him. Three national defeats in a row. This was not the way of things, they raged. It was a nightmare from which they couldn't wake up. Until Bill Clinton came along. And when Clinton got elected, the Dems heaved a huge sigh or relief, declaring that the country had corrected itself, awakened from its trance, and, of course, the GOP and conservatism were now "dead". Then, after Clinton departed and Al Gore failed to steal the 2000 election, the process repeated itself with George W. Bush, whom 9/11 transformed into a two-term president, followed by Barack Obama's "ascension," and the same crowing proclamations of the Left that the GOP and conservatism were "dead" and "We're all socialists now". After eight years of his Marxist-Alinskyist tyranny, we learned that B.O. didn't just "fundamentally transform" the Democrats and America; he "fundamentally transformed" the GOP as well, which is how we got stuck with Donald Trump. And now here are "conservatives" - amazingly including Erick Erickson, who ought to know better - asserting the same "We're in power for good/the other party is dead and will never recover" canard. Have they forgotten how Barack Obama, an avowed Marxist, got elected in the first place? Or a dope-smoking, adulterous draft-dodger like Clinton? How we never imagined that such things could ever happen...until they did? (Now, of course, the GOP has its own adulterous, narcissistic draft dodger, don't they?) So why can't it happen again? Remember, one and all: people do not vote AGAINST things, people vote FOR things. It's why Obama won twice and Hillary lost twice, and why 2016 was such a desultory photo finish. As for 2020, Trump will have the advantage of incumbency and the slavish support of...what? A third of the electorate? The Dems will be rabidly arrayed against him. But that middle third of largely apolitical, non-ideological Independents, who mostly loathe Trump, are going to be herded toward him on ideological grounds? Seriously? I don't think so. The biggest shock of the 2016 cycle to me was that the Dems actually nominated Hillary Clinton, indeed rigged their nominating process to do so, when she was the least electable candidate they had. Does anybody truly believe they'll make that stupid a mistake again? If you do, you've swilled the Trump-Aid. And since Trump's very temperament precludes the coalition-building he needs to reach a majority from his 46% floor (far below which he's languished since his Inauguration), the reality is that his reelection is highly unlikely no matter what the Left does. And given that avowed socialists are winning elections, like in Pennsylvania last week, don't be so certain that what the Left does isn't what a majority of Americans will vote FOR two and half years from now.


It would be, and could be a great nation once again if we would only learn what the people knew when the nation was formed. The US had a solid foundation of morality and worthwhile values; something most in our current society cannot even define! We, at least the last 2 or 3 generations, have not and did not learn anything of value from history; in fact the REAL history of this nation is no longer taught! What is taught is revisionist history; basically the opinion of someone in current time writing about something that happened years ago that they know nothing about. What made this nation the greatest in the world in such a short period? A trust in God for a wisdom mankind (that includes women) cannot fathom. Without Him as our guide we have lost our way, and without Him we will never find it!