This remains a key problem with Christine Blasey Ford's accusation

She won't provide the key record documenting the first time she claimed Kavanaugh assaulted her.

According to Christine Blasey Ford, she first said Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her during a session with a therapist. But, from what she showed the Washington Post, the statements she made to the therapist directly contradict what she claimed under oath before the Senate. It is one reason the Arizona prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell, does not think Ford meets even the preponderance of evidence standard against Kavanaugh.

It seems it should be a really big deal that she showed the Washington Post her therapy notes, according to the Post's own reporting, but she has refused to turn those same notes over to the Senate.

What is she hiding?

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If she did not name Kavanaugh in her notes as she claims she did under oath of perjury isn't she obligated to allow the FBI to review these notes? I mean a FULL investigation is at hand, right demoncrats?


Didn't she submit her therapist's notes to the Washington Post? And, if so, doesn't that then break the "doctor/patient" confidentiality, thus giving the therapist the ok to release said notes?

Robert     Moore
Robert Moore

She would have to assume these documents will be leaked to the public, and they are probably very private. Maybe the FBI will take a look at them...