This Isn't Scandalous, CNN. It is the Status Quo Ante.

A lobbyist helped regulators shape policy. This is no more surprising than finding a prostitute in a brothel.

Y'all, despite this CNN report, there is literally nothing scandalous about the story. In short, a guy who works as a gun lobbyist helped the Trump Administration's ATF officials draft a memo to deregulate gun sales.

BREAKING NEWS: lobbyists do this sort of stuff. They did it in the Obama era too. In fact, it was anti-gun groups that helped the Obama Administration push rules and regulations to drive up the cost of gun ownership. I don't remember any breathless reports on that.

And over at the EPA, it was environmental groups getting the Obama era EPA to enter into settlements whereby corporations were shaken down for cash that was then passed to those very same environmentalist groups to "enforce" regulations. That was not a big scandal either.

This particular story is being treated as if it is a scandalous thing never before seen. Finding a lobbyist at a regulatory agency is no more novel and new than finding a prostitute in a brothel. It is what each does. Reporting it that way, however, would not drive clicks, traffic, or L'Resistance's rage against the gun lobby.

I really do think the need for traffic and clicks is poisoning how many news shops cover the news online. Look at CNN's handling of North Korea over the past few days. The network itself turns out solid reporting. This one is just a bit too much, though.

More manufactured outrage by the MSM. Same stuff, different day.

But these are not leftist APPROVED thoughts and socialist agenda, therefore they must be quashed.

Believe it or not, lobbyist are part of "We the People." Some of them have more knowledge on the subject, then the journalist who know proper English and rules for journalism. How many in the EPA, under Obama, were science majors? How many of the journalist, lobbyist, and appointments by Obama were humanity or fine art majors? Then there are those that don't get out of the concrete jungles, or the NYC/DC, and I-5 corridors.

Did CNN pitch a fit when the entire ACA bill was written by lobbyists and presented to Dems to sign and pass? Not a single person who voted for it even read it before passing it, much less played a role in writing it. That is a far cry from consulting with someone who is an expert in a field to HELP form policy, which is something I would expect my legislators to do. Erick says CNN "turns out solid reporting". Really? How much "solid reporting" does it take to offset this kind of garbage? How much "solid reporting" does it take to balance their outrageous fawning over an agent of a brutal dictatorship responsible for documented crimes against humanity? Why is anyone apologizing for CNN?

CNN does not turn out solid reporting. I stop by now and then, at random, to see if they have improved or gotten worse. Virtually any time I stop on CNN, they are sneering, sniping, polluting the news they read with their vitriol, substituting opinion for news, and entertaining the rants of guests who do not have an ounce of civility in their bodies. They are partisans masquerading as journalists.