This Is Unacceptable

The President should walk this back. It is unacceptable for the leader of the free world to excuse this.

It is one thing for President Trump to try to find a deal with the North Koreans that will get them to disarm. It is another thing entirely to praise a genocidal dictator. This is completely unacceptable. The President of the United States should never, ever defend the closest modern equivalent to Hitler.

This is unbecoming the office of the President of the United States. We are to be a shining city on a hill, not a morally relativistic apologist for genocide. Some things are not worth a deal. Turning a blind eye to or serving as an apologist for this genocidal maniac are in that category.

The President will never apologize. He should, however, walk this back.

I sincerely disagree.

So long as the general intentions of the deal are under discussion, the negotiations ARE continuing. A framework isn't a deal until the details are agreed upon and acted upon.

Trump must be evaluated by what he does, not what he says.

Agreed, this is a new way of conducting diplomacy, but the old way has proven to be a dramatic failure for the whole of the 20th Century. Hell, Truman lost the peace after WWII, precipitating the Cold War. Even though Reagan's real politick defeated the Soviets, the tactics used spawned Islamic terrorism.

You simply see international damage that I don't believe is real in the new diplomatic world. The old Foggy Bottom ways you insist upon are done!

Well there you have it. We must operate our country as only a failed conman can. I wonder what Curt's excuse will be when nothing even comes from our "leaders" heroic deal making skills. At least Obama got the deal signed, little boy Trump couldn't even deliver that. The foreign policy of this Administration is a horrid failure on every level. Separating Children, insulting our longest allies, creating trade wars with our longest allies, making deals with our enemies while they enrich his personal pockets, excusing genecide, and all of it for what? What could possibly be accomplished worth all that?


degenerate trump's moral compass is so low, that he doesn't perceive the evil in evil!! A truly dangerous, self-exalting leader!! A prime time example of the mystery of iniquity!!


Wahhhhh wahhhhhh wahhhhhh! Trump bad, wahhhhh wahhhhh wahhhhh! Trump not enough of a diplomat, wahhhhh wahhhhh wahhhh! Trump too diplomatic! Wahhhhh wahhhh wahhhh!

"At least Obama got the deal signed,..." but if Kim signs Trump deal it won't count! Wahhhh wahhhh wahhhh! Trump too strong, will start a nuclear war with NoKo! Trump too weak, wahhhh wahhhh wahhhh!


You guys are so predictable in your blind hate-driven drivel. It would be amusing to watch, if your whining and bitching and moaning and constant reversals of what freaks you out about Trump were not so annoying.