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This is Not a Whistleblower

A whistleblowe​r would not have gone to a porn star's lawyer or the press.

Ronan Farrow has a story in the New Yorker about the supposed whistleblower who leaked Michael Cohen's financial information. Let's remember that the first person to come out with the info was Stormy Daniels' lawyer, not a member of the press. Presumably, the leaker went there first. But even if the leaker went to the media first, this is not the behavior of a whistleblower.

There are active investigations. There is a Special Counsel named Bob Mueller who the leaker presumably heard of. There is also the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

The leaker, given a position to be able to check on the supposedly missing documents would have been high enough inside the government to have credibility with both organizations. A whistleblower would have gone to either of those if the person was concerned either entity might not have access to the documents.

Running to the press and/or Stormy Daniels lawyer makes it clear this person is an active member of L'Resistance who wants to undermine the President and believes the President and his friends are up to nefarious purposes.

Also, if you read carefully, it is pretty clear one reason the documents may have disappeared from the system is because the Mueller investigators wanted them gone so no one could leak them.

But the leaker did it anyway. It reminds me of L'Resistance member in Augusta, GA who pulled national security documents and leaked them because she wanted to expose the President. She's going to jail, and this leaker should go to jail too.

Stepping forward to claim whistleblower status is just an act of pre-emptive spin to get media sympathy. But a whistleblower would have gone to Mueller, not a porn star's lawyer or the press.

I think it's quite possible that Mueller himself was the one who had those entries hidden from the greater law enforcement community so as not to mess up his investigation.

So this leaker might have, ironically, done Trump a favor (albeit probably a very small one).

He might be a yet-another-Democrat out to get Trump (like Mueller and Rosenstein), but then again he might just have been scared and acted on impulse.


Point of order: Mueller and Rosenstein are Republicans.


@Sharps Rifle

And so was Charlie Crist and Arlen Spector. Mueller and Rosenstein would be considered non-partisan more than Republican. Arrogance is stronger than party among the elite set.

Trump hatred cuts across both parties. The left fringe of the GOP has a lot more in common with the Democrats than the GOP anyway. A New York Republican isn't the same thing as a Texas Republican.


I would not call Mueller and Rosenstein "non-partisan". GOP Swamp-Rats, maybe. But not non-partisan.

"The left fringe of the GOP has a lot more in common with the Democrats than the GOP anyway." That describes Trump perfectly.

@napleslover are you REALLY that blind & thick? Is your head THAT far up a dark space? Trump is not a "left fringe" GOP. He is not a hard-line conservative, either, but the stuff he's doing& accomplishing and wanting to get done are FAR more conservative/republican than anything Bushies did. Remove your head from the dark & open your eyes... The light's going to hurt for a while, but once you get used to seeing the successes in proper lighting, it's not bad at all.


Trump's policies are not the problem. The problems are: he is a self-serving, crude, narcissistic, ego-maniac who is a pathological liar, a serial cheater and abuser of women. He is petulant, vindictive and petty. I will never respect anyone like Trump.


By the time we're done with Trump, we're going to need a team of Indian Sewer Cleaners to drain the cesspool he's filling.