This Is Normal Now. But It Still Isn't Right.

President Trump's Putin induced priapism and child lik​e antics in Canada are the new normal, but they aren't right.

Everyone keeps saying things like "this isn't normal" when talking about President Trump's behavior. But it is normal now. It is normal and it is excused by Trump humpers who refuse to do anything but fluff up the President at the expense of honesty and integrity.

This Administration has done plenty of good, but it continues to debase the integrity of the office with childish behaviors. If the President wanted to not sign a G7 accord, so be it. That is his right and, frankly, given the current members of the G7, it was probably a bad idea anyway.

But to reject it in push a childish manner is disgraceful. Making it about the behavior of the Prime Minister of Canada just makes Her Majesty's pretty boy matter in ways he never has. President Trump's antics elevate Prime Minister Empty Suit and give him a credibility he otherwise would not have.

The whole thing is ridiculous and made more ridiculous by a bunch of people cheering on the clownish nature of it all.

This is the new normal. Our President behaves likes a five year old who needs his butt beat by dad. But General Kelly seems to have tired of administering the spankings and Elagabalus has moved on to Singapore.

It is not right that the President of the United States, through child like antics, is elevating Prime Ministers of Canada to higher stature than they deserve while demeaning the trust of our allies as he sucks up to Russia.

I have a long record of rejecting the idea that Trump colluded with Russians to steal the Presidency. But he sure does have Putin related priapism.

Kempis, My, my, we have a forked tongue, don't we? SDS, i just don't like giving the Devil a foothold! Ok, would you trust a murderer to teach your children how to protect themselves? If I don't have principles and integrity, I have nothing!

DavidMKern, Silence is consent! By not holding him accountable for his sins and acting like he is the second coming is giving him exoneration! Isn't that why we hold murderers and thieves accountable for their crimes? Christians should shun someone who is so arrogant that he thinks he has done nothing to be forgiven for! HIS WORDS NOT MINE!!!!! So I have no reason to answer such a question as would I forgive him! That is as likely to happen as Hell freezing over!

I trust CBN now as much as I do FOX/TRUMP News, I DON"T since 2016! They are as biased as CNN(Clinton News Network) or MSDNC! According to reports, Gen. Kelly says the White House is a chaotic and horrible place to work so I doubt that is true! God is NOT the author of confusion!

DavidMKern, Apparently to you, sin is ok as long as it was a long time ago whether you ask forgiveness or not!! So we should not try any thieves, blackmailers or murderer if it was over 10 years ago! Do you realize how absurd you sound? He is a liar and that was within the last 2 years but I guess that's ok as long as he does what we want him to do?

Erick, As a brother in Ch

Elagabalus for Trump, that's a new one. However, Trump's Grandmother is dead.

People who brag about not giving the Devil a foothold while focusing on a man's genitals and lying about what other people say are a little confused about just what, exactly, DOES "give the Devil a foothold". Some of us think that prurience and lying are pretty good examples of how to bring Satan into your life. And a near-blasphemous statement such as "...would you also elevate Satan to the level of Jesus?..." doesn't do anything to change that impression. The only person who has elevated anyone to "the level of Jesus" is the one who has assumed she has a better idea of who should be forgiven for his sins and who should not.

@smokinmoma is obviously smokin'. A LOT. Not spelling very well ("moma"?) but hitting the pipe pretty regularly. One symptom of insanity is believing oneself to be an important personage, and smokinmoma has evidently elevated herself to the position of right-hand assistant to the Lord, in charge of judgment.

We have talked here in the past about the strange concept of Christianity that denies its very roots, which are love of neighbor, redemption and salvation. The Apostles were sinners, some to a great degree, who were accepted and loved by Christ and redeemed and saved. Yet people like "moma" set themselves up as higher than Christ, basically proclaiming that SHE is the arbiter of forgiveness, that forgiveness and redemption are not deserved unless she has given HER approval------ judging not only the sinner but those who refuse to join her on her perch on her self-proclaimed Higher Moral Ground as she passes judgment on others.

This would just be a fairly minor example of a petty ego issue if it were not accompanied by so much venom and hatred, were not so toxic and oozing of irrational animosity. Unfortunately, many people try to justify their sins by claiming they are based on belief in Scripture, but this is a thin and transparent effort. She tries to cloak her irrational hatred and venom in a claim that this really just having integrity and principles, evidently believing that assigning malignant motives to people who don't agree with her, lying about what they say, obsessing about the President's genitals and sexual arousal, and in general spewing hatred, spite and malice are proof of higher morality, integrity and principles.

No one has ever appointed the smoker as a judge of the sins of others. On the contrary, the beam in her eye is blinding her to her own sins----of hatred and spite and prurience and dishonesty, and the belief that she is in any way qualified to condemn any other person for anything. No one has given her special knowledge of the personal relationship between President Trump and the Lord. She seems pretty ticked off that the president has not confessed his sins to her, personally, and asked HER for forgiveness. but that egomania is part of her kind of pathology. It is none of her business. She claims the president has never asked for forgiveness for his sins---as if she knows.