This is Highly Irresponsible

Congress will, yet again, raise spending with no real cuts.

The party of less government is jacking up spending with the Democrats. This is highly, highly disappointing and it is hard to see how the Democrats in charge would behave differently.

The latest budget deal will jack up spending by over $300 billion. They will also raise the debt ceiling again.

The agreement increases defense spending this year by $80 billion and domestic spending by $63 billion beyond strict budget caps, according to a summary of the deal obtained by POLITICO. Next year defense spending will increase by $85 billion and domestic funding will be boosted by $68 billion beyond the caps. The deal also includes $140 billion for defense and $20 billion for domestic in emergency spending over two years.

A plan to lift the debt limit, which requires action in the coming weeks, and whether to extend expiring tax provisions were among the few outstanding issues that could be attached to the deal, according to aides in both parties familiar with the talks.

We are exceeding $20 trillion in national debt, which is not sustainable. The Democrat solution of tax increases would not solve the problem as that would slow down the economy and drive dollars out of the United States. Congress needs to cut spending and cut spending dramatically. They are not doing it. There is no incentive for Congress to be responsible with our tax dollars and Congress will bankrupt us as a result.

This deal also makes the Republicans look like hypocrites for all of the insistence on austerity and deficit reduction when Obama was in office. Spending without concern for the debt and deficit under Bush, and then returning to the exact same behavior under Trump, supports the argument that Republicans don't really care about fiscal responsibility, and only pretend to do so when out of power to hamper Democratic priorities. It will be much harder to take Republican deficit hawks seriously in the future if they only care about the issue when in the minority.

Erick, raising more revenue would absolutely reduce debt. You clearly don't like the idea and would prefer to cut spending but that doesn't make tax increases magically bad.

I would rather they raise taxes honestly. As long as both parties can borrow unlimited money the average American doesn't feel the effects of spending. Raise taxes to cover spending and let citizens decide which social programs and services they want to keep.

But that won't happen. Because it's easier for both parties to fund their own initiatives by borrowing against the future rather than having to budget for their pet projects.


There is only a certain percentage of revenue they can take before they suffer diminishing returns. You raise the tax percentage beyond a certain point, it becomes profitable to search for every single whacky loophole or dodge you can find. It becomes responsible for your business to look at expanding in other countries (if not relocating the majority of production outside of your home country) and make most of your money there. Any money made in those countries will not be returned to this country as it is not fiscally sound to make moves that would see your revenue not only taxed twice, but at much higher level the second time. This economic effect is known as the Laffer Curve. Secondly, we can not grow our way out of this debt. Even if you leave off the skyrocketing liabilities of Medi-care/caid, Social Security and other entitlements to one side-- the growing interest on the Debt (now at over 20 Trillion) would nullify any such gains. The best way to tax is to find the apogee of the curve that maximizes government revenue long-term, businesses feel that they aren't getting fleeced. That the taxes are collected in such a transparent, easy to follow and comply with that anyone smaller than a medium-size business can spend less than a week on their own (No army of CPAs and tax-lawyers required) calculating their tax burden and cut the check for it.

In recent history, raising revenue has never reduced debt, but just increased spending. Just like any business or family, live within the means you have - set a reasonable budget and any extra needs to be split between a reserve fund and paying down the debt. Period.

There is exactly ONE peaceful solution. The Constitution provides for the STATES to gather in a convention to propose amendments to the Constitution. Those proposals have to be ratified in the exact same manner as the 27 we now have. Things like term limits, real fiscal restraints, and generally making the federal government smaller and less powerful. Things that Congress will NEVER do, no matter who is in control or who is president. www.conventionofstates dot com. Over 3 million strong and growing fast. 12 states already done, legislation filed in 48. But hurry, before its too late.

Washington doesn't care what we think as long as they get paid and have unlimited benefits. We The People can stop them but only if enough of us are willing to sign our names and give of our time to the Convention of States.

Only a fool believes the Republican Party is for smaller government. Any hope of such was destroyed when the Tea Party movement was co-opted into supporting among other things more $ for the Pentagon and plutocratic tax cuts without offsetting spending cuts. Small government "conservatives" must leave the Republican Party and help bring about its inevitable collapse. If enough chose this course, the Libertarian Party could be "taken over" and molded into a responsibly competitive small government party, minus the extreme feminist impulse that has surfaced there recently and the anarchism that has historically impaired any chance of its success. But if small government "conservatives" really want to succeed outside the GOP, they must re-embrace the fundamental egalitarianism of Jefferson and the Declaration and wake up to the extreme wealth inequality that plagues this country now. That's the Upper Left direction that Jefferson set for our country = smaller government and less wealth inequality. Cut taxes and regulations from the bottom and government privileges from the top down.

Ah, conservatives with power are conservative no more.

This is a terrible budget before the cost of immigration is concerned. George W. is not blameless, but Obama is the big disaster when it comes to the debt. Obama care, misuse of military and security funds, plus blank checks connected with the Department of State are a part of debt problem. How much of the domestic spending is tied to illegals, dreamers, and DACA? Immigration is not only a national expense, it is an expense to the bottom level of government. Don't listen to senators from the highest taxed states in the country.

Here are a few places to cut spending: 1. Paying out refunds on false tax returns. 2. cutting some of the perks like the scandals, and health insurance. 3. Cut funds if the GAO and inspector generals discover a problem. 4. Be able to cut retirement funds to math those with ten years of service, if they have committed a felony. 5. Any money for treaties, and deals have to be approved by the HOUSE. 6. We don't have to be part of all UN agencies. 7. Only the immediate family of the president, and other government officials, get to fly on the presidential planes.

Where is our hero Teddy Cruz? Surely he will rise up, make a big stink, then vote to spend anyway. See it's really easy to oppose spending when you are in the minority. But when you have to govern....

Didn't most libertarians support the plutocrat-first tax cuts that Republicans just passed? After all, they fit the John Galt / Ayn Rand / trickle-down narrative perfectly. The only problem is, the more you shift the tax burden off the super-rich, the less they care about the federal government living beyond our collective means. Which explains why Republicans have once again opted for bigger rather than smaller government.