This "Deep State Coup" Conspiracy Spin is Cheap Punditry

There is no deep state conspiracy here. These are Trump appointed staffers from the Republican Establishment he beat.

I don't mean to insult long time friends of mine, but this "deep state" stuff relating to the anonymous op-ed in the New York Times and the Bob Woodward book excerpts is rather cheap punditry. This is not a deep state conspiracy, but a conspiracy of people hand picked by President Trump. It is not embeds of the Obama Administration, but Republican operatives who opposed Trump and resolved to try to help him after he beat them.

Look, we need to clear the air on this. Trump supporters do not want to hear it, but get together in any off the record meeting of movement conservatives who have gone to assist Trump and what you are reading in the New York Times and in the Bob Woodward book comes pouring out. The people with whom the President has surrounded himself, with the exception of many of the early primary Trump supporters, tend to not like the guy or they like him personally, but they think he is an idiot. And many of the early Trump supporters are incompetent grifters who had nowhere else to go. The President knows it and has marginalized them, relying instead on the cut throat operatives now sabotaging him because these cut throat operatives are actually competent.

The stories from Trump staffers are legion. There is no deep state here. This is the White House staff and the Trump White House approved staff of the various cabinet officials.

If you want a salacious story with which to rile people up, let them know these are not Obama holdovers and long time, left-leaning bureaucrats. This is the Republican establishment that Trump beat and then absorbed along with movement conservatives who decided they needed to try to salvage what they could and save the country in the process.

Trump bested them, they tried to come to terms with him, and they couldn't. Some of them are now leaking.

See, the conclusion you should be drawing is not that there is a leftwing deep state out to sabotage the President and uphold Barack Obama, but there is a Republican establishment that views Trump as temporary. They believe they'll be back in charge once he is gone. The do not recognize this as Trump's Republican Party. They're just pretending to recognize it as such before they jump in the shower and cleanse the White House stench off them.

But here's the other dirty little secret -- you can't really say that out loud because you need the Republican base to go vote for some of the allies of these very people this November to save this Presidency.

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I agree with this:

> there is a Republican establishment that views Trump as temporary. They believe they'll be back in charge once he is gone.

And what's sad is, they're probably right. The GOPe swamp is not getting drained at all, but instead doing what people in Washington do best: just barely enough pom pom cheerleading in accordance with the current direction of the wind to not get fired.


I can expect Democrats to think that the President controls everything from the Party to the Nation but Republicans should know better. The Wonks will win every single time. The Wonks will always win. Trump's revolution is over. The dreaded Establishment rode him into the White House because they were terrified of a Cruz Presidency. Now they're about to shoot the horse.


With the op-ed being anonymous m it could be as credible as the dossier. Without a list of names and hiring dates, I don't know how many of Obama's holdover under Bush or even Clinton. Trump only beat the establishment candidate, not the establishment. For purposes of winning the, general election and governing, he needed some help. The writer may not be part of the administration.

Eric would you please list the issues on where you agree and disagree wit,. Trump on issues? There are not enough conservatives for budget control. Trump looks bad in comparing himself.. Look at how moral values changed before Trump took office.

With all the media available, most items are covered, you don't have to repeat Do you have anything to say about the Kavenaugh hearings?

. Trump is not on the ballot, but conservatism is. There is just over two months until the general election. Conservatives staying home and letting the country move farther left is not the answer..


Erick Erickson is exactly right. The op-ed didn't say anything that White House insiders and prominent movement conservatives haven't been saying privately for a long time. In other words, this is not news.

Most outrage over the op-ed is lacking in self-awareness.

First, Trump fans who aren't brave enough to speak out against clearly wrong behavior by the president are calling the op-ed writer "cowardly." They've forgotten about the log of cowardice in their own eye.

Second, administration officials who anonymously leak news like this to the media are acting outraged that one of their number would publish an op-ed containing the same information. If it's so bad to share this information with the media, or so undermines their efforts to guide the president the right way, why are THEY leaking to the media (that includes personal friends in the media) about it?

To add a final point: I suspect the author was Dan Coats, even though he has denied it. If anyone could successfully retain his anonymity while pulling such a stunt, it would be the Director of National Intelligence. But he knows that revealing his identity would lend credibility to the "national intelligence is a coalition of deep-state Democrats plotting a coup of the president" conspiracy theory, and even further undermine the Russia investigation and national security, so he had to keep it a secret. He also knows that, if any high-ranking administration official fails to deny that they wrote it, they will be considered the author (by the process of elimination), so he HAS to deny he wrote it. However, his anonymity is retained in the interest of this country's safety.


I love these people who keep thinking the economy is going gangbusters. You fools traded a .5% increase from Obama's economy for 1 trillion dollars a year in debt. And you have the nerve to label yourself's conservatives while you drive us faster and faster toward the cliff.