This Could Be the Predicate Act for the Democrats' Impeachment Inquiry

The Democrats have something besides the Russian collision to make a case for impeachment.

Bob Woodward's forthcoming book on President Trump contains an allegation that is causing heartburn for congressional Republicans. I can confirm from conversations with several senior members of Congress that the GOP thinks this could be what actually triggers an inquiry into "high crimes and misdemeanors."

According to Executive Order 12333, "No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, political assassination." Now, you can argue that if a President orders an assassination, he has reversed the Executive Order. But there is an actual process by which an Executive Order is reversed. The President cannot do it on a whim.

In Woodward's book, he says President Trump ordered the Secretary of Defense to prepare a plan to assassinate Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian dictator. The Secretary of Defense, according to Woodward and also according to people close to Secretary Mattis, refused to go down that road. To go down that road would have not just violated the executive order, but would have also most likely bring a direct military conflict with Russia.

Democrats are, behind the scenes, increasingly skeptical of the Russian collusion story largely because they think the public is not really sold and also because they increasingly think Bob Mueller is not going to directly connect the President. That would hurt them building a public case.

But they seem more convinced they can build a case of an erratic President randomly ordering the assassinations of world leaders he does not like even if that might mean starting World War III. And they'd love to put Mattis under oath and see the White House either assert executive privilege or haver Mattis verify the allegations. They think just having Mattis there before the world stage would give them what they need to move public opinion towards impeachment.

And privately, if the Democrats actually hold their own or make gains in the Senate, they already have around 15 Republicans who would gladly help them impeach Donald Trump.

I do think, however, that what Democrats miss is that Assad is a war criminal and President Trump ordered the assassination attempt after Assad used chemical weapons on his own people. I think the President may be able to take the high ground on this.

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Run the numbers here. What do the Establishment Democrats want here. To run (presumably Biden) against Trump in 2020. Even if the Democrats sweep the Senate seats up for election in 2018 (and they won't) they won't be at 67 votes to convict (and they are fine with that) for anything that Mueller is currently looking for. The primary question is (presuming a Democratic majority in the house) is whether the leadership will allow for a vote on impeachment on something Mueller comes up with knowing that it is going nowhere in the Senate (which will make their left wing happy) or hold off an use it against Trump in the Presidential election. I'm guessing the second.

There is such a disconnect between Trump and Pence that if the Trump was impeached and convicted in Early 2019 that Pence might actually manage to get himself re-elected in 2020.

America 1
America 1

Really?! This is probably just one of many possible scenarios for discussion as is commonly done with many issues. Bob Woodward's book is just another piece of fake garbage and I would be willling to bet that half of the quotes from un-named sources are made up fiction!

Still Jules
Still Jules

But, @AmericanPatriot, the Left does not WANT to count on the electoral process to give them what they want. They know better. The last time they tried that, they failed. Now the American Left is going off the rails at warp speed. Their international minders always knew that the implementation of all-out Leftist government would have to be incremental, a gradual swaying of American beliefs that could really only happen after the educational system had been co-opted, turning out a couple of generations of Americans not only ignorant of the foundational concepts of their own country but of the successes of their country when it was governed according to those concepts. They understood the success of the death by a thousand cuts, the need to infiltrate local governments and gradually challenge the authority of the Constitution in dozens of small ways.

But the newly hatched American Leftists are too impatient to tolerate the slower, incremental erosion of our Constitution and rule of law, and are too eager and passionate in their adoption of radical Leftism. They are too arrogant and too smug to accept the old strategies, and are convinced that the power of the mob will prevail. So they are no longer sly and conniving as they quietly try to undermine our processes, but are attacking them loudly, publicly, with the bulldozers of furious raging violent mobs and blatant efforts to simply destroy our electoral process, unseat an elected president and impose, by mob rule, their Leftist agendas.

Their allies, the Complicit Agenda Media, are getting a little spooked, because they are the ones on the front lines. They are as motivated by profit as by ideology,and they see their financial security at risk if they continue to lose viewers and readers, so they are a little skittish about signing on to the full Leftist effort to mount a big surge against the country. They are willing to be the jackals, darting in from the periphery to snap at heels and try to draw a little blood here and there, but they don't like being called out for their lies and their partisanship. Well, the NYT is all in, but then they always have been, ever since they filled the paper with lies and Russian propaganda to support the policies and actions of Josef Stalin.

No @AmericanPatriot, you are asking the Left to commit suicide by allowing the democratic processes to proceed, unimpeded, and they are not going to do that. Their efforts range from merely acting as speed bumps to overt sabotage of the system, and in between we will find every possible approach to imposing their will on the country---short of simply following the rules.

Still Jules
Still Jules

I ran into another alleged "concerned Canadian" in another forum a few years ago, who was also quickly identified as a Leftist troll. This particular script is based on the belief that maybe Americans can be swayed from their commitment to the Constitution and the rule of law if some "Canadian" scolds them for being wrong.

Now that Canada has plunged into Leftist insanity and implementation of Stalinist-style Thought Police and restriction of free speech, maybe the minders should find another alleged nationality for their scolds to claim as their own, as Canada clearly has enough problems to demand its citizens to stay in their own lane and fix their own problems.

I also point out that Canadians are pretty proud of their educational system, and would never claim ownership of the unintelligible word salad of the purported Canadian's post.