This Cambridge Analytica Data Story is a Nothingburger

The left was perfectly fine with this stuff when Barack Obama did it.

Christopher Wylie helped Donald Trump win. If it were Hillary Clinton, he'd be in line for a Nobel Prize. But Donald Trump won. So Christopher Wylie, a gay, pink haired, left-of-center, vegan needs to confess his sins. The Guardian has helped him by casting him as a whistle blower.

But what is he blowing the whistle about?

Really, it is that Cambridge Analytica did a better job processing data than comparable Democrat firms. And Donald Trump won the election, not Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama did this stuff in 2008 and 2012. Barack Obama's team matched what Trump did and what Cambridge Analytica did. But the left was fine with that. They are not fine with Trump winning. So now they must cry foul.

Cambridge Analytica got advertising data from Facebook. They were able to micro-target, advertise, and customize for people on Facebook and those people's friends. They did what other advertisers can do. They did what Facebook let them and what Facebook let Democrats do too. There was nothing illegal. The reality is that with Facebook, Twitter, and other online services, you are the good being sold. You use their services for free, they collect data on you, and then they let third parties target you with advertisements based on the psychographic profile generated by your date.

That's it. You are the good being sold. You always have been. And the left was okay with that when Barack Obama was the purchaser of you, the good.

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Christopher Wylie's story seems to be falling apart, and he has already backtracked. He claimed to be a founder of Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica says he is not. He claimed to be an employee of Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica says he was merely a contractor. He made claims that Steve Bannon contracted with Cambridge Analytica in 2014 to "start a culture war".

However, I remember hearing about Cambridge Analytica either in late 2015 or early 2016. Ted Cruz had contracted with Cambridge Analytica to be his campaign data analytics provider. Most of these types of companies would only contract with one candidate at a time. So I do not think Cambridge Analytica worked with Trump until either Cruz withdrew and released them, or until Trump became the nominee. And as I recall, Cruz, even though he did not have the delegates, held on until the convention.

The other thing I remember was the conservative media throughout the campaign marveling at Cruz's data operation (after the fiasco of Mitt Romney's "Project Orca"), and Cruz's local organizations and his get out the vote operation.

The GOP convention was not until late July, 2016.

I recall serious concern in the months preceding the election that Trump had no data operation, no local organizations, and no get out the vote operation.

Bannon did not officially join the Trump campaign until late August, 2016. Perhaps Bannon had connections to Cambridge, and was an informal advisor to Trump prior to officially joining. Perhaps he was chomping at the bit to get Cambridge involved in the Trump campaign, but it is likely Cruz had Cambridge exclusively to himself until the convention.

So the Cambridge/Trump tie-up probably did not happen until late July or August of 2016, about three months before the election. This certainly had to limit the impact of the digital operation.

Wylie now backtracking, admits he left Cambridge Analytica in 2014, and only knew about the mined data, and knew Trump later contracted with Cambridge Analytica, and anything else was just conjecture.

Christopher Wylie reminds me of Edward Snowden. A low-level tech geek who claims he was a senior operative, and is now claiming to be a whistle-blower. He was stating conjecture as if it was fact. I just think there is no "there" there.

At the most, Cambridge may have misused some data it got legally. By misused, I mean violated the terms under which they got the data from the Facebook users.


What about the prostitutes?


Let's face it in this day and age you are an open book. If anyone wants information on you they can get it. I responded to a Linkedin request once and found that everyone on my contact list was sent a message requesting them to join. I had to explain to some like an ex that this was not my request.


CNN is running this 24/7 as criminal acts by the Trump campaign. Any intelligent person sees it as doing the exact same thing that the Democrats do every election.