This article is ridiculous in that it makes no reference - like the 92% negative reporting from the Leftist Mainstream Media - to Trump's breathtaking superlative performance in just 20 months of being in office. He will win big in 2020 and he will win on his record which he accomplished in spite of the obstructionism from the Left. No one can argue with the facts: Women unemployment rate lowest in 65 years! Black unemployment rate lowest in recorded history! Considered FULL employment Hispanic unemployment rate lowest in recorded history! More job openings than in the history of Bureau of Labor Statistics compiling data Overall Unemployment at near 50 year low - lowest since 1969! now 3.7%! One has to go all the way back to 1968 to find a higher labor force participation rate. May 2018 job report gain: even New York Times says so terrific no words can describe it! Food Stamp usage at 7 year low Home prices up 10%

16 job-killing regulations abolished for every new regulation created 4 quarters of GDP over 3% (Obama was first President EVER to NOT have hit 3% GDP growth) Current GDP Growth at 4.2%! New record after new record closes of Dow Job-cut announcements lowest since 1990 Manufacturing in the U.S. accelerated to best year in 20 years! 400,000 New Manufacturing jobs created! After Obama said the jobs would never come back. 4 million new jobs created! Consumer confidence highest in 38 years! Treasury notes returning 2.8% first time since 2000 The stock market has gone up more than 4 TRILLION dollars Funds that focus on U.S. stocks charged to record highs in the third quarter as companies' tax-cut-fueled profits gains surpassed even upsized expectations. The U.S. economy also hit its fastest growth rate in nearly four years, and S&P 500 index funds are on track for their best quarter in nearly five years. ISIS is on the run New home sales have soared to a 10 year high Historic Middle Class tax relief Tax cuts results in bonuses, raises, and lower energy costs from energy companies Historic meeting to denuclearize North Korea Econony on absolute FIRE! 4.2% GDP growth most recently Trump is Making America Great Again!! That's what you get when you elect a successful businessman instead of a Community Organizer who never had to meet a payroll.